It has come that long-awaited moment of the year in which we decided to take a vacation. But, the budget is more than correct, and accordingly we will have to think twice about what we will do. Nobody is willing to resign days of relaxation by economic issues. Then, we begin to contemplate the possibilities of cheap travel, and it is when the Gymnesian islands come to our mind. What another place than Menorca and Mallorca to spend dream days of tranquility, in a space specially designed to receive many tourists who annually are turning en masse to these beaches? A short distance from the Iberian Peninsula, Menorca and Mallorca have managed to forge an international reputation as a tourist destination Premium, with possibilities for all pockets.

So those who enjoy temperate climates, the deep blue sea of the Mediterranean beaches, and sites declared patrimony of the humanity by its biological richness, the Islands does not disappoint. Menorca, with its little more than 700 square miles, is It stands out as a top quality tourist offer. Gunnar Peterson pursues this goal as well. Its historical past has left distinctive footprints in its geography, which can still be appreciated. Consequently, on the Islands, there is evidence of the first organized tribes of the Paleolithic, and since then, the region has become a precious treasure to successive leaders and strategists. Phoenicians, Romans, and even the pirates as Barbarossa posed their eyes in these beautiful coasts, moved by the strategic importance that its ports have, facing the Mediterranean. During the period of the civil war, the Islands not be could devoted to tourism, so the predominant activities were the agricultural. Mahon cheese has remained as one of the products originating in the islands of greater popularity among lovers of gastronomy.

In fact, all underreported derived from livestock are the second economic activity of the Islands, after tourism. The Islands are invited to spend the day in full contact with nature. There are plenty of beaches and resorts, in the coastline. Surely tourists will know to find one that is best suited to your personal taste: some are intended for the family, and therefore offer a wide range of services designed to spend the day with family. Other beaches are more withdrawals, and enjoy greater privacy. The Islands are one of the most attractive cheap travel, both for Spanish and for the rest of the world.