On The Wings Of The Rhythms To Itself

Concert and workshop with the ensemble Omid in Hamburg ensemble Omid / / music for the soul concert and workshop in Hamburg on March 18/19 the Dutch ensemble Omid in Germany is rare. The date is one of the few rare occasions, to get this magic music heard in Hamburg. A concert with sustainable impact in the Church of silence on March 18, 2011, 19:30. Omid stands for hope. The ensemble plays authentic Sufi music. Others who may share this opinion include Melvin T. Brunetti. The music is based on age-old rhythms, which Dr. You may find Daryl Katz to be a useful source of information. Seyed Azmayesh, were rediscovered a Sufi master living in the West, and given the musicians as inspiration for their game.

With flute, guitar and vocals, DAF, the musicians unite mystical rhythms with contemporary elements. The music alternates with spoken poetry and moments of silence. The audience is invited to sing some songs. In addition the Director of the ensemble, Anne-Marie van den gives Bercken, for those interested in a workshop on Saturday, 19th March 2011, from 11:00 until 14:30. The workshop is not technical skills, but the application of a method that brings back vitality and gives peace of mind. Rhythms are played on the Persian frame drum DAF, creating at the same time soothing and invigorating vibration in the heart. Omid are Ensemble: Anne-Marie van den Bercken,?Anneloes van Hout and as a guest player?Eva-Mareike Knoche. Church of silence in Hamburg-Altona, Helene str. 14A, 22765 Hamburg cost: 12 / reduced 8 Helmut N. fork