With competent psychological support to the success of any 2. is now divorced the divorce figures rise increasingly. Breakers without legal divorce are not included in these figures. Unfortunately, this is our social reality. Numerous relationships could be saved as social, emotional and interpersonal process is but a separation a longer lasting process, which over several years with on – and starch pulsating from and runs through various stages. It is important to know that this process would in principle be reversible at any stage. A separation is, as well, such as the death of the partners, one of the most dramatic life events of a person. Some couples would invest the power that they spend for the separation process, in improving their relationship sure countless relationships could save and reshape.

Why relationships nowadays often fail, than in the past\”in contrast, but there is also many relationships, where Separation is the ultima ratio. That relationships fail today more frequently, is located on a number of factors. So the people now, which of course leads to a longer duration of the relationship are living longer. Old relationship standards are out of date, at the same time couples nowadays but have too few strategies to deal with a crisis. In addition, that the existential requirement to maintain a partnership only rarely exists in our time.

Also, people increasingly seek self realization. Supported amongst others by the media, the illusion is fed at any time to be able to find a new, matching partner. All of this leads to a decreasing willingness to endure crises together and to solve problems together. Couples mostly only perceive the extent of their problems when it’s too late conflicts in a relationship to develop most insidiously, until the crisis is suddenly acute. No longer listening to each other, talks degenerate into exchanges of accusations. A verbal exchange of blows starts instead of looking for solutions, ends almost every communication in mutual attacks and armed.