Sagrada Familia

PRAYER for the cases difficult mother dear, Virgin of Juquila, Virgin of our hope, yours is our life, care for us from all evil.If in this world of injustices, misery and pecadoves that our lives are peat, not abandon us.Dear mother, protects the pilgrims, we accompany on all the trails, sailing for the poor without sustentoy the bread that removes them give back them.Join us in our life and free us from all kinds of sin. Amen.-(make request) I thank the Virgin of Juquila, for favors received.Say this prayer 9 days and publish it to the ninth day, Marias nueveAve for nine days.Make three wishes. One business, two impossible.The ninth day to publish this prayer and be cumplicara believe it or not. Amen. PRAYER for the work Virgin of Juquila, intercessor in all difficult problem, get me a job in which I make as a human, and missing my family not long enough in any aspect of life. Keep it despite the circumstances and adverse people. What in progress, always improving my quality and enjoying health and forces.

And that every day try to be useful to all those who surround me. ue. I associate your intersection to the Sagrada Familia, which are relative and I promise to spread your devotion as an expression of my gratitude to your favors. Amen. PRAYER of husbands and family Mr: make our home a place of your amorque there is no insult, because you give us understanding.There is no bitterness because you bless us.There is no selfishness because you encourage us to give.There is no rancor because you give us forgiveness.There is no abandonment because you’re with us.That I know go towards it in our daily living.That every morning will dawn one day of delivery and sacrifice.That every night we find with more love of spouses.Get Lord of our lives you wanted to join, a page full of it.Lord of our children get what you crave; help us to educate, to guide your way.That we strive in mutual consolation.That I do love a reason to love more.I demos the best of ourselves to be happy at home.That when dawn the big day go to meet you, we beg to find us in it forever. . Corporation.