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To travel the nearly 10 km. that separates the valleys of San Vicente Vinales and take a road where you can see beautiful scenery, including high mountains which separate the two valleys, which are crossed by a narrow gorge where the road is built. In the high walls of the gorge can be seen the curious landforms that hang from the walls and the water has sprung up over the million years of existence of the site. He, on the northern edge of this valley is the oldest of Vinales, very comfortable and different from other built in the Valle de Vinales. To reach the same cross a small river that emerges from the limestone mountains near the hotel, which is composed of multistory buildings, but more than 50 small wooden cabins and rustic two-story, scattered within a small forest. All are situated around the swimming pool, thermal baths and sulfur and an area devoted to massage using medicinal mud. It is common to see and hear the birdsong and the murmur of wind in the trees. If the Vinales Valley is to observe the characteristic combination of the action of man and nature, in the San Vicente Nature has a role.

From hotel is within easy traveling distance of the cave known as Cueva del Indio, where you can enjoy a boat ride along a river that flows inside and see tourist resorts built on some of the caves of the wooded hills near the hotel. The communication between the two valleys is very easy. Many prefer to travel between the two on foot or by bicycle. strategy to increase your knowledge. Others use a transport that makes daily trips between Vinales and San Vicente, which in addition to allowing rapid communication between the two places, gives the possibility to stop and walk small sections and re-take the next trip. This makes it possible to take pictures of places depending on the interest of the traveler without having to stop the vehicle. Another advantage is that they can use throughout the day and take it anywhere on the course and pay once. You know where to stay.