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Starting from our Heliport in a Bell 407, Learn about the experience of skiing on Virgin snow and appreciating a majestic and unspoiled natural surroundings. To those sportsmen who enjoy extreme emotions, on skis or snowboard, Valle Nevado offers them venturing into amazing snow powder of the Andes, always in the middle of the spectacular scenery of the cordillera. Valle Nevado is a winter resort designed both for the unlimited practice of winter sports, as for fun and relaxation. For this we have a complete equipment: three hotels, apartments, eight restaurants, bars, pub, heated pool, fitness center, fitness center, child care and a variety of shops, among others. All combined to create a winter definitely unique experience in the world. From 2008, our snow garden will feature an important innovation: the new Kids Carpet, which allows children to upload the track without the need for lifeline, since it works as a carpet conveyor, which leads to the small skiers up, which will greatly improve the all our children learning experience. For the larger ones, we also have good news, the installation of two carpets for boarding in Prado and Mirador lifts, which will keep speed constant in chairs and provide a more efficient service to all our skiers. My name is Eduardo Garcia and I’ve been more than 22 years living in the city of Santiago of Chile. My main goal is to show the world this beautiful city. Guide of Santiago de Chile Blogs relating Working out At the Fitness Center or at Home? Blogging About Your Guide For Choosing a Fitness Center Home Fitness Gym home the Fattore Valle di Assisi Hotel & Resort in Assisi San Diego Fitness Center Have A Restored Body At Little Cost Chile: Ski areas and the recent earthquake Valle Nevado, Great Canadian 2011 Heli-Ski Bookings Luxury PlanetEye Traveler Puffle Naranja seen in the ski resort! (Ski Village Rockhopper to the Vista and orange Puffle in the ski resort Club The Kitchen Blog Archive) Pour tous les flemmards of the fourchette service temperate swimming pools Solar panels Swimming pools