Pablo Picasso

The Cartoon de Antnio was carried through by a cartoonista of the same name of the heading in 2003. It was a picture inspired by the bombardeamento on the part of the American airplanes to Iraq. To show the terror of the war, the cartoonista used some symbolic figures that are in the Guernica that is a picture of painter Pablo Picasso world-wide known. The mother with the boy can be an attempt of imitation of the Piet made for Miguel ngelo. The mother, who is raised for top can represent a certain stability and the boy raised in the opposing direction, moan and suplication. The arm fallen in the soil is to hold a torch and represents the Statue of the Freedom insults, being thus the loss of the freedom. The arm and the head that are also in the part of low of the picture symbolically represent the death, the destruction and the panic.

The person who are with the arms in the air and the one that is in the way it cartoon can represent fugitives who are to try to escape thus showing a search and naivety feeling. To cartoon she was added some elements as it is the case of the airplanes with a star that still represents the stars of the American flag and a tower with a window without light, contrarily to the Guernica picture of the Picasso, where the window if finds with light. Also sand to the picture added, that represents the sand of the desert and blood that the amount of deaths shows and terror that happens in an environment of war as this. The heading of the Cartoon calls ' ' Reencontro with Picasso' ' is practically an adaptation of the Guernica that was a picture inspired by the bombardeamentos on the part of airplanes German to the city with the name of the heading of the picture. As much the picture as cartoon represents an environment of war and terror.