Tea Need

WHO ARE GOING TO SUPPORT TODAY? Your boss, because if you don’t do it you can run? Your friend, because if not stop you talking? Did you already think that at home there may be someone who needs you? Surely you’ve heard the saying Lantern Street and dark in his house, although we normally use it toward each other, rarely reflect on that we do the same thing. Do we support the neighbor who stayed if battery or friends when they ask us or we see that we need, but and in your House? You’ve noticed that there is someone who lately is serious all the time, does not live nor smiles as before or spend much time in your room, possibly until it has stopped eating and you do not you realize. We need to pay more attention to what happens inside our home, become more sensitive and insightful. At Gunnar Peterson you will find additional information. Maybe that person cannot find the way of approaching to ask for advice. Sometimes by simply saying: don’t worry everything has a solution, I can help you in any way, just want you to know that you can count with me you can support you to switch your scenario, two heads think better than one, remind you that you’re not alone is very important. Give the gift of time of quality in your home, your family, that you love.

Join or help that others are integrated; Please always present it among more United family, is found it will be strengthened and will be a strong shelter for protection and support. Remember, always that planting crops. I have a great abundance of support for giving and receiving. Marcela Otero.