On January 23, held a talk at the Local Section URE Malaga, headed by Mr Manuel Green EA7TB on mobile phones, it works, which are electromagnetic fields, such as base stations and operate the mobile phones, hypersensitivity, long-term effects and recent scientific reports and legislation. Commented that mobile telephony is a telecommunications service, through a network of base station antennas, makes it possible to receive and make calls from mobile terminals through radio signals (radio frequency electromagnetic waves) of the same type used in radio and television, but with much lower power in the case of mobile telephony. To provide quality coverage we have deployed a network of antennas throughout the country allowing all users an optimal communication anytime, anywhere. It is therefore attaches the highest priority to the protection of health and the environment. All mobile phone users can feel safe when using their mobile phones. For decades scientists have investigated the possible effects of electromagnetic waves on health.There are numerous papers in international scientific experts in engineering and medicine have clarified this point, and also establishing the levels of exposure to electromagnetic waves that ensure the absence of health risks. Your health is assured All experiments conducted have enabled institutions and agencies both international and national standards setting and issue reports thereon, which shall be concluded for example that: Exposure to electromagnetic wave emissions from mobile phones or radio base station antennas, within the limits of the European Recommendation, has no adverse health effects. Emissions from Mobile Telephony. They are not ionizing. In the electromagnetic spectrum (the set of all electromagnetic waves) are established to bring together different regions of these waves in terms of frequency and energy. This will determine the possible effects on living beings and their technological utility. The energy associated with the frequencies used by mobile phones is about 10 million times below the level at which the ionizing electromagnetic emissions are considered,ie harmful to health. The gathering ended with very interesting questions, which the driver responded by giving the answers increasingly clear to listeners, who left very pleased with the conversation. To maintain such kind of talks in the various fields of Radio.