The 10 Commandments Of The Company Family

The effective formula for any business family succession is, remember that a good strategy for succession, at least 10 years. The reason? You must prepare with time to potential candidates and look at who is the best interests of the company, not to the family. Yet there is a belief that the successor should be the son and the eldest, regardless of their ability and interest. This error, however, can solve if decisions according to a predetermined plan. The risk is simply disappear. Nothing is as bad as that will not deteriorate. Therefore, the recommendation is you understand and apply in your organization these 10 commandments of a family business. 1.

The succession is a natural fact. The first thing is to recognize that nothing you can do to avoid this process there is. To face it, the best is take the necessary time and start in a timely manner. It is in succession where crystallizes and transcends the initiator of a business or sinks into the memory. Therefore, it is essential that the first generation make effort to establish a Board of Directors profesional.productos sanki. The big secret is to not invite friend counter or company, but people completely outside counsel and has wide experience.

2. The succession is a process long and flexible. You don’t look for shortcuts: is an ambitious project, but complex. Therefore, it is recommended to not forget four fundamental aspects: 1) have two or three possible successors, 2) can’t or you must improvise, 3) anticipation of the entrepreneur helps ensure the success of the process, and 4) the succession must adjust to the reality of the company. The objective is that all involved, with time and planning, exploit their strengths and weaknesses to work. 3. Don’t forget to analyze three circles and three approaches – three circles are: * property * address * family – the three approaches are: * the legal: have things in order, both in the Protocol and in the statutes.