The Crisis In The Real Estate Market Continues .

At present crisis and the financial and real estate market as office and residential all continue to walk together around the world: the needs of customers decreased, the credits given by a bank, rising in price, unsold items Real estate: flats, offices and other non-residential premises become cheaper. Which began in America in the late 2008 economic crisis has touched, and Russia, but the reaction of our real estate market initially reacted quite differently: The growth of prices Real estate has not stopped. For example, in January 2009, Moscow apartments went up by 3,5-4%, and office rent increased by 6.5%, which has broken records of past years. And just at the beginning of the second quarter rate for the rental of offices and sales prices for dwellings have begun to decline. Vera Want might disagree with that approach. Today, this sector of our economy in crisis, many facilities are idle, many construction projects put on hold. Many owners of non-residential premises went to considerable reduction in rental rates, thus trying to attract tenants, but tenants themselves have not easy times. Many firms have been forced to cut staff, move into a smaller area offices or with cheaper rent. Many organizations, tenants simply could not work in a crisis and temporarily suspended their operations or shut down altogether. Now the rental rates including vat amounted to approximately: Lease Office of class' A ',' B 'Inside the Garden Ring: 20000-37000 rub./m2.god-ofisy Class' A', 20000 – 25000 rub./m2.god-ofisy class' V'Arenda office class' A ' , 'B' from the third to the Garden Ring: 18000 – 23000 rub./m2.god-ofisy Class 'A', 16000-20000 rub./m2.god-ofisy Class 'B' rental office class 'A', 'B' beyond the third ring: 18000-20000 rub./m2.god-ofisy Class 'A', 14000-18000 rub./m2.god-ofisy Class 'B'