The Pilates Method

The Pilates method was born in years 20 in New York. Joseph Pilates developed then a program of slow and controlled exercises where the body like a whole worked and where also the mind took part. In the last 10 years, we have attended a recognition of the Pilates method as it forms to obtain a muscular balance, reinforcing weak muscles and extending shortened muscles. It is a method been worth for all, sport are advanced or nascent, one even is integrated in rehabilitation programs. To make particularly suitable Pilates this for pregnant and majors in order maintain a good tonicity muscular and prevent skeletal problems muscle. The bases of the Pilates method? CONCEN TRACION: necessary for the coordination of the breathing and the exercises. CONTROL: the art of knowing how to control our body. FLUIDITY: the grace and the rate of the movements.

PRECISION: the method for the perfection. BREATHING: it controls all it. The breathing is a vital parameter in the method pilates. Some advantages of the Method of Pilates are: It improves the Position. It alleviates the lumbar pains.

It increases the development of abdominal muscles. It favors the agility. It favors the coordination? It favors the skill? It favors the corporal balance? It favors the flexibility. It favors the sanguineous circulation? It favors the tonificacin of the great muscular groups without forgetting small and deep muscles. It fortifies muscles without increasing the muscular mass (hypertrophy), this is optimal for those people who wish to style the body without increasing the musculatura. It favors the improvement of the physical training conditions and mental of the medical instructor. It develops to the concentration and the attention? It favors the treatment of the osteoporosis, since when stimulating the formation of bony mass, reduces the risk of fractures. It reduces the anxiety and stress, since this discipline, requires a good concentration for the accomplishment of the exercises since it clears the mind of the personal problems. The Pilates system increases the repetitions of the exercises and the amount of the same in gradual form, thus almost it does not produce muscular stiffnesses or pains.