Training Ensuring

Squad training that I want to describe to you today is called “pattern on the back” to its holding you almost do not need any resources. The only thing you will need to prepare in advance – a few sheets paper and pencils. It will not hurt if you hold this training in a fairly large room, although in small can be overcome, because the game requires little or no mobility. The essence of this training is that you dispose of all the participants of the training in a row, so that all were “trains.” Ie it turns out that each participant sees only the back of the next. In advance you will need to prepare drawings of must necessarily be traced a clear path.

A little later I’ll explain why you can not use blurred images on which there is no clear path. The very last party you’re showing a prepared figure. Its mission is that he puts a piece of paper on the back party, sitting in front of him, and draws what is remembered. The task of the participant, which is drawn on the back of the image, to understand what is trying to represent the previous party. Then he remembered his feelings, doing the same thing on the back of the next person. And so on until the last participant. Now, I hope you understand why you can not use images without a clear path. Because, if you choose an image of nature or anything else like that, then the participants will be very difficult to feel on the back to see what exactly is trying to portray the previous party.

Most likely, this choice of images will lead to training that does not give the expected results. Choose something better like rabbits, dogs, trees, etc. If the participants of the training a lot, you can even arrange kind of competition on the one for which the team get better. In a team picture at the last party would be appropriate for the original. This training is primarily aimed at gang excellent communication and promotes mutual understanding. In addition, well-developed creative thinking.