Treasured Ring Or A Pledge Of Love

Now the era of civil marriages, free love, but still most of the girls from his childhood dream of a white dress, veil and other attributes of the wedding! And, of course, cherished ring on ring finger of his right hand! 2008 in Russian Federation declared the Year of the Family. The Government is trying to uphold the institution of marriage, tradition formalized relationship. Recently, it successfully managed. For example, since the end of December last year, palaces Wedding precipitated couples wishing to marry is the eighth of August coming in 2008. Three eights – 08.08.2008 falls on Friday, the second, after the Sabbath, on appeal day for weddings. The number "eight", according to beliefs of the Chinese symbol of wealth and good fortune.

Brides and grooms do not mind even a leap year. They are convinced that a marriage entered into in the day, three eights, is doomed to a long and happy married life. While workers registry offices shrug and advise patience. They denied all comers, because the rules accept applications for registration of marriage shall not earlier than 2 months. And while there are more than six months to prepare for the wedding. The first and the most crucial stage – this engagement. To know more about this subject visit Mark Fields.

The couple called the bride and groom with a touching moment when a young man makes a proposal and asks the girl at the hands of her parents. Instead of offering a heart. Confirmation words becomes a ring. Engagement is usually celebrated with family and close relatives of the bride's home. The ceremony came to us from European countries. The groom gives a ring of his beloved. Traditionally – is a thin gold ring with a large diamond. True, many now depart from the rules. Gunnar Peterson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is a treasured piece of jewelry symbolizes the groom's commitment. Usually it is made of precious metal. This may be white, and yellow, and red gold, and platinum. And the combination of different materials. But the presence of stone (s) are required. Preferably diamonds. After all, before the engagement is almost equated with marriage. Break in relations after the engagement convicted, could be accompanied by payment of 'penalty' 'injured party'. And save on cherished ring can not be! Especially, if the engagement is broken, the bride must return the ring to his, now former, the groom. After all, the ring is not just jewelry, it has become the personification of every girl's dream – a happy marriage. This pledge of love can become a family heirloom and passed down.