The Language Of Wine To Understand

A short introduction to the art of Weinsenorik of course must not Sommelierausbildung we, in order to assess whether a wine meets all the personal needs or whether it is easy to digest. It is helpful to understand the language of wine, keep a few things in mind. So is the best stories of the wines we opened up our eyes, our noses and our mouth. Eye: Colour, purity and clarity of the wine can be checked by holding the glass against a white background. Bubbles indicate the presence of carbon dioxide.

A look at the top of the wine in the glass gives information about the maturation of the wine. A margin of about 2 mm can be a mature wine close, a narrower edge on younger wine. Also the color gradation is an important indicator: a lighter edge refers to a younger, a brownish border on older wine. The pan of wine shows the viscosity. The formation of arches (stained) says little about the quality as much more about the content of sugar and alcohol from. Nose: The wine glass should be given one-third of wine first not to be moved. At the first smell into the volatile fruit flavours come to fruition. It also may be very irritating smells appear, which is verfluchtige but after some time again in May.

The swirl the wine in the glass deeper flavors to wake up, the smell many associations with fruit, plants, other natural fragrances or chemical notes awaken. This operation should be repeated several times, since flavors by the oxygen (oxidation) may change. Mouth: at the first cost of the wine a SIP is taken, which is initially left on the tongue and then slowly moves. So the flavors to sweet, sour, salty (mineral) and bitter on different points on the tongue senses are. Swallowing the wine it comes to assessing how long it to taste is on the tongue in the palate, the so called retirement. The flavors of the wine are perceived through the olfactory bulb in the upper palate. Who wants to taste many wines or the alcohol is not compatible, can swallow a very small amount and spit out the rest. Tannic wines with the second SIP is pressed the tongue against the palate. The harder or eraser-like”is the impression, the immature tannins are. By the addition of air (light snore) can the tannins (= tannins) is made somewhat more accessible are. Wine, always cost about hours, so with his many stories can give us always a fun and entertaining evening. These suggestions gives the organic wine specialist ULI Scheffler Weinhandel from Augsburg.

Healthy Fats

Healthy diet in times of culinary abundance, many people have forgotten the correct handling of the food. The result is that approximately 40% of Germans are too thick. Obesity is not only the causes of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, but are also causes of over-rapid aging, drive, and weakness. The best prevention against diseases such as overweight and obesity, diabetes is a healthy weight still type 2 and high blood pressure. But also the causes of over-rapid aging, drive and weakness are often obvious: one of its main causes which is mostly incorrect and one-sided diet.

Fats are considered taste makers. You take but also vital functions in the body. So for example vitamin E, D, K, and A can be recorded only with the help of fat from the body. Ingredients: 125 g salmon fillet, diced 2 medium-sized potatoes 150 g cauliflower in Racherla 1 tsp lemon juice 1 small onion, 100 ml low-fat milk 1 tsp chop dill, finely chop 1 Tablespoon olive oil Salt, pepper, nutmeg preparation: steaming potatoes 20 minutes. Then cold deter and Peel. About eight minutes to cook cauliflower in boiling salt water.

Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Half heat oil in a pan and saute the onion in it. Stir in onions, dill and lemon juice into milk. Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Preheat the oven to 200 C. From brush a baking dish with the remaining oil. Cut potatoes into slices. Layers of potatoes, salmon and cauliflower in the form. Pour milk over. 15 minutes bake in the hot oven. Garnish with dill. Ingredients for a person of preparation time: 55 minutes more recipes, visit einfachgesund24 Sabine Munch E-Mail:

Tea Keeps Young And Creates Comforting Comfort

(Online article) – tea, never been so popular: A billion Chinese can hardly be wrong tea was never so popular as it is today. At any time of day, he ensures well-being, makes healthy from the inside and beautiful from the outside and should receive the vitality just older. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu did appreciate the virtues of tea: tea is not the arrogance of the wine, not the self-consciousness of the coffee, not the childlike innocence of cocoa. In the taste of the tea is a delicate charm that makes him irresistible and tempts us to idealize him. “The most important tea is certainly still the black tea, which, is obtained from the leaves of the tea tree just like the green tea.

He wins his black color and its special flavor by the so called fermentation, the reaction of compounds with oxygen. The Darjeeling tea from India thrives mainly on the southern foothills of the Himalayan mountains. He is a bright, floral and light variety, which is characterized by its lovely and yet intense aroma. The Assam tea comes mainly from North-East India. It is a powerful, full, round, balanced and malty black tea. He developed a dark, reddish-brown glowing Cup color and is the basis for the famous East Frisians mixtures”.

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka has a fresh, aromatic, tangy lively taste with a very special, elegant blandness. The most popular flavored Ceylon tea Earl Grey – bergamot oil is added to enhance taste him. Chinese tea of Yunnan, on the border with Tibet, Laos and Viet Nam, the cradle of the wild tea plant is suspected. Here growing tea is a full-bodied, mild and quite strong Highland tea. The Keemun is considered the crowning glory of Chinese black tea art. He has a unique toasted”aroma, an intense aroma and the taste is full, round and fruity. fn