Water And Food

Always be careful how much water your flask is full. At every opportunity fill it from flowing body of water. Such water can be drunk raw, but in any case not fill the jar of stagnant ponds in such water can be agents of various diseases. Diarrhea in an emergency situation – a sure way to death, because it threatens to dehydration and makes you incapable of movement. Viator remember: people are living without water – 3 days without food 14 days.

If there are no sources of water, you can try to collect rain water or water trickling from the rocks (if you're in mountainous terrain). For the second method, use the cord, propped one end to the rock – Placing another in a jar. The water can be extracted from the juicy fruits (it is important to know the local vegetation), the dubious benefits is not worth it, due to the fact that they may contain alkaloids which may cause severe poisoning. Edible fruit: In tropical areas: coconut, bamboo, palm hearts, figs, bananas, citrus, papaya, etc. In mixed forests: blueberries, cranberries, gonobobel, raspberry, strawberry, apple, ash, and currants in some cases: zherdela, plums, Pear (wild) Vegetable food compared with animal-less calories, on the hunting and searching for insects – an important step on the path to survival. Animal meat nutritious and contains enough protein, fat and carbohydrates for replenish energy. In the food is as raw and cooked (fried, boiled) meats. Most usvaemoe and containing a maximum of nutrients – boiled, heavier foods – fried. Hunting the animals is carried out at by setting snares for animal tracks, traps, trap, as well as the chance to hunt with a sling and bow, of course, if you do not fire weapons (more on this in more detail in another chapter).