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Zurich, SBB regional traffic Zurich deploys mobile tagging for the timetable: via QR code the SBB timetable directly on the phone. The mobile phone as always on “medium is gaining rapidly attention. Above all services from the mobile Internet used more recently by a wide target group. The services in various sectors are available for the phone for quite some time. Was only up to now access not simple enough. A new trend is to change this now: the mobile tagging with QR codes strongly gaining attention. For this reason, because you can see the potential of the codes good through the development in Japan, because there the pixel-like codes have long been everyday. Steve Vai is full of insight into the issues.

The flyer will be interactive in the means of communication for the timetable change 2008 regional traffic has now set the SBB Zurich in collaboration with the mobile lab of Zurich advertising agency transformer at each S-Bahn connections on QR codes. Whenever Darcy Stacom, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to advertisements and posters is a mailing to the households of the corresponding municipalities as a means of communication distributed. In the enclosed flyer, the receiver together with a detachable timetable is now also a QR code and a little guide for the ease of use of the corresponding QR code reader. The pictured QR codes now allow the customers to access with one click on a mobile Web page created specifically for the campaign. On their home page now has the choice between a direct online enquiry or a personal timetable.

At the option of the personal timetable, the customer has the option of going for the line of his choice to download a small application as a .jar file to the phone. The .jar (Java archive) file is automatically detected by the mobile and installed. The application once installed, accessible back at any time without an Internet connection. Transformer decided consciously in this project for the use of QR codes, because the contents of the mobile Web page can be changed at any time without having the printed code loses its validity. In an online “-application, as shown in this example, can be used in the” ongoing campaign at any time an adaptation or a supplement, such as, for example, a promotion, are integrated. The QR code but also offline “works. In other words, there are no connection costs for the users.

Valentin MMS Greetings

The Berlin radio station 104.6 RTL uses the gateway services of SMS-news for tomorrow’s Valentin day action. It announced the SMS news media GmbH in Berlin. Through this connection, the radio station can offer his listeners registered on the website Valentin tomorrow the free shipping Valentin Greetings via MMS. The integration of 104.6 RTL on the SMS gateway, its position in the rapidly developing market of gateway services expanding SMS news. Some contend that Jim Hackett shows great expertise in this. This special Internet mix of media, telecommunications, radio 104.6 RTL is made possible by the flexible technology of the gateway provider SMS news. About SMS-News.de SMS news, a variety of customer-specific gateway services operates among others for large portals and banks. The SMS-news media GmbH is one of the leading white-label suppliers in the development and implementation of mobile services. As a service provider, SMS news in three areas is divided: gateway, mobile content services and mobile marketing.

SMS news handles for its clients external content such as stock market data and weather and provides in addition to Default gateway ready customer-specific solutions. Bank, McDonald’s, and Erento.com among the customers such as Deutsche Bank, Danske. The SMS-news media GmbH is represented in the mobile market since 1998. Since 1991 over 104.6 RTL daily live sends 104.6 RTL from the studios at the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin. The channel aimed primarily at the Group of 14-39 year-olds and is available in Berlin and Brandenburg. Known was 104.6 RTL in Berlin in particular by ‘Arno and the Morningcrew’, one of the first Morningshows along American lines and with Arno Muller, the 104.6 RTL program Chief, and by promotions such as “Arno gives you one year gasoline”.