Latvian Gifts

Going on a trip to Latvia, we expect to see something familiar from childhood, and something entirely new. We are impressed by the appearance of cities and European Russian language on their streets, the strict nature of the north and bustle of the centers. Head swirls of experience, contrasts and new discoveries. "I must not forget to tell about it at home" – we think. – "It will impress your friends, parents, close to …" It's time to remember the gift! He will be significant addition to the story, and where not enough words that describe a gift for you.

So, let's go to your own journey to Latvia. In the journey for a gift! Where are typically presents? Of course, in the shops! "Eh" You sigh with disappointment – "I found something to surprise: where else to buy gifts!" Not really. The best gifts of this country in a large assortment of really lie on the shelves of its stores. First of all, it's cosmetic line Dzintars. Maybe you remember your mom a make-up? It is still not inferior in quality to the world's leading brands.

Therefore, a gift will truly gorgeous! From cosmetics shop moved into the clothing store. And here, too find jerseys Latvian factories. Quality – excellent! Remember the glory of "jersey from the Baltic States"? So, first of all it appeared by the Latvian products! Shop still good and that, thanks to impressive range, you can pick up as an intimate gift to a friend, and completely neutral gift distant relative. Go to the next shop. Grocery. How many here have traditionally only Latvia! Cheeses, curds, bread, canned food Sprat, smoked fish! But all of this we will not buy: Can not dovezti such wealth to the house and ruin the rest of the contents of the suitcase. What do we choose? Take a closer look …