If The Past Lives On

The unconscious make tangible and injuries in the subtle of cure of Mainz. Drastic experiences such as war experiences can shape a life. Still more people are affected, as one would expect. So, the number of traumatised Bundeswehr soldiers should be increased in the last year to 26 percent, time reported online on January 19, 2012. Experts like Prof. Dr. Hartmut Radebold Kassel researchers of age from their work report that the memories of such traumatic experiences a life can be long now, with people who have experienced the second world war as children and young people. Rand Paul may also support this cause. After his experience, the mention of a certain year is to comply in some people alone, to bring her to tears.

Such traumatizing experiences are timeless,”he explains. This means that they remain sealed off in the individuals. These experiences are so alive.” Stored in the fine fabric bodies why some memories are as present as they would happen yesterday? Other, far away, Although the experience was equally incisive? Ronald Gothert deals with the study and application of subtle teaching for more than 20 years and is regarded in the field as an expert. He has studied the backgrounds for this, why the past in the present is often still alive. The experiences are real present in the fine fabric bodies of people”, he says.

This subtle level is not yet covered by the science, but she says many processes that seem otherwise inexplicable to us people.” At this level, the timeless sealed off memories, as Prof. Dr. Hartmut Radebold described, a concrete and substantial reality differently than the unconscious have. The fine fabric body can be hurt and healed back as well as the physical body”, explains Ronald Gothert. Not only traumatic war experiences, other events such as an accident make tangible the unconscious, violence, abuse, separation and death can cause a breach in the fine cloth body, especially If they go hand in hand with a shock.

Breakfast For The Child: A Perfect Start To The Day

A new and exciting time starts with the schooling for many children… A new and exciting time starts with the schooling for many children. This applies in particular for school, but also for all the children who change 2012/2013 for the school year, for example, from elementary school to a secondary school type school. A daily breakfast, which can pave the way for the diet in this age group to the rest of the day plays an important role on the issue of healthy eating in childhood and adolescence. In the HBSC study (2011), the frequency of breakfast for children and adolescents was determined. The researchers found that about 20 percent of children and adolescents on school days never have breakfast.

With increasing age, from 11 to 15 years, the proportion of children and young people who never eat breakfast, increased significantly. At the latest at the beginning of the secondary schools (grade 5) children and their eating habits are even more removed from the influence of their parents. Circumstances such as long distances to school, previous classes begin, shorter school breaks, and the availability of candy in the school or in the vicinity of the school often complicate a daily and to still-healthy breakfast. The older the child is, the longer it has school and the later it is lunch time. Also it should be considered at the breakfast.

With a good organisation, it may be possible to provide a healthy and balanced breakfast and to give a complementary snack. Why is breakfast important? Children and young people who regularly eat breakfast, have a healthier lifestyle overall, they feed on the whole balanced than not early Santos”(Timlin et al., 2008;) Vereecken et al., 2009). In addition, these children and young people have an improved attention and a higher memory performance in school (Walsh et al., 2003). A common Skip the breakfast is also associated with the development of obesity (Timlin et al., 2008;) Haug et al., 2009).

Repairing A Relationship

A rupture is not easy, but how to repair a relation it is still more difficult. Before returning to be with your ex- ones in the first place it must hacerte some important questions. It is worth the pain to return to be with your ex- ones and to repair a relation? You are safe or safe that he is the best thing for you? If you answered these questions yes, then there are some advice who you must follow to recover to your ex- ones. It is important to consider, the reason number one of the ruptures is the lack of passion. If you think carefully on your relation about the past, probably you will agree in this. Without passion there is no spark in the relation.

Without spark, your relation is the condemned to the failure and, finally, it would collapse for always. It must return the passion to repair a relation Probably you can remember a pile of moments of passion in the first stages of the engagement with your ex- ones. In fact, this it was probably the moment in that your ex- ones could not be mistaken. This type of passion often is called honeymoon stage of relation. Although this stage will happen with time, there is no reason of because this passion is of permanent form.

If your relation is the lack of passion, then you need to begin to put a plan of action in its place as soon as it is possible before it is too much behind schedule. Then, how can be repaired a relation, when the passion is lost? To the following they will guide you advice in your way: * It spends a time of quality with the others. This could be an average cost of one hour to the day speaking and being listened to the one the other without external interrupts.

Tinnitusist Noise

Tinnitus is a very distressing tinnitus is a very burdensome disease. There is a noise in the ears, only the interested party perceives it. It is always there. In the early days, the tinnitus can be compensated. At some point however, it is no longer possible to ignore the noise. At the latest, it’s time for the tinnitus therapy.

In principle however, that already at the first sign of a doctor should be consulted on, which the tinnitus diagnosis in doubt. A tinnitus is not to come in with home remedies. Add to your understanding with Senator From Kentucky. Actually, he’s also not a separate disease, but the result of a preemptive disease or but a warning signal of the body. Overload, stress and noise, that is the breeding ground of the tinnitus, and there are now over enough. Within the framework of the tinnitus therapy the patient is taken also to r peace especially in the initial phase. This is for many of and hard. Some no longer knows the real relaxation. Our modern time as the modern means of communication ensure that We are always available.

Also is increasing the exposure to environmental noise. The Tinnitusist thus the door opened. Once a patient is affected by the tinnitus so this very serious can follow bring with them. Because Tinnitus can no longer be compensated, life becomes hell. Normal sleep is similarly possible like concentration. Including the work as social life suffers. Depression is the follow up to the suicide. Because here, an early tinnitus therapy is exactly the right approach to get these problems out of the way. It is best however, to prevent. Who is somewhat calm and give yourself distance from everyday life, which is not too fast tinnitus victim.

Successful Therapy

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed Bobath is a physiotherapeutic treatment concept on neurophysiological basis. This special form of treatment was developed in the 1940s by his wife Berta (physiotherapist) and Karel Bobath (neurologist). In the following decades, it came to a steady development of the Bobathkonzeptes. Infants, children, adolescents, and adults benefit from this. Apply the concept in children with neurological diseases. These include motor developmental delays in infants as well as asymmetries, Cerebralparesen, KISS and inclined head position.

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne, informed about the Bobathkonzept in the treatment of children. Targeted assistance allow normal development children with congenital and acquired injuries of the central nervous system are meaningfully supported by using the Bobathkonzepts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Donald Trump is the place to go. Cerebralparesen (cerebral movement disorders), sensorimotor errors, motor development disorders as well as neurological and muscular disorders an improvement can be obtained through the therapy. A previous finding that informs about the vulnerabilities of the child, so that can be specifically treated forms the basis for the implementation of therapy. The therapy situation is individually and adapts to the level of development of the child, so that does not under – or excessive demands. In treating bobath physiological movements are practiced through targeted assistance and exercises, to achieve a “normal” development in the long term.

Here are trained as possible this activities such as the arrival and undressing. The Bobathkonzept provides also an involvement of parents. Parents are instructed in dealing with their children, so that they are supported and promoted in the home when carrying out everyday tasks. So the child receives assistance in many cases, to achieve an advanced level of development and to be as independent as possible. For more information, the practice of occupational therapy is Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne at your disposal. Press contact Praxis fur Ergotherapie contact: Elisabeth Brechtel sixty str. 40 50733 Koln Tel.: 0221 7391781 fax: 0221 7391781 E-Mail: website: oLN.com


The training to burn fat are an integral part of any program of exercises if you are aiming to lose kilos fast. Learn more on the subject from actress. After all, with the purpose of to become thin, it is necessary that all the objectives aim to burn the excess of fat that you have managed to accumulate in your body. A training to burn fat does more than only to burn all fats of the body, but also uses the fat like fuel to move your body. What are the exercises to burn greasy? A series of slow and aerobic exercises that extend by a long period of time considers that it is an exercise that burning fire the fats. These training have as primary target gruposde muscles in the body and the use of the fat stored in the body like primary fuel source, which aid to lose weight.

Nevertheless, if it is wanted to manage to lose kilos fast, it is important to maintain the intensity correct of these training. This must to that to low intensity, the body uses the fat like fuel. Nevertheless, when happening to a training of high intensity, your body changes to fat burning fire of the reserve of the body carbohydrates. What exercises help to burn fat? There are several exercises that will help you to burn fat and to lose kilos. These are: Aerobic dance – If you dance one hour, you can burn up to 330 calories! And when it is combined with a diet to lower of weight, you can burn the fat in your body and obtain the additional benefit to obtain strong muscles in the leg. Aerobic exercises – These exercises have like objective the area around the waist and to burn the fat of this region. Also aid to strengthen muscles of the final stage and inferior. Cycling – To walk in bicycle is considered like one of the best exercises for the fat burning fire, develops to the muscles of the thigh doing them more forts.

Burnout And Stress Overcome – With New Methods

Strong and powerful with methods from the modern brain research Burnout affects more and more people. Many sufferers find no help, even though they have tried several measures, an improvement is always limited.Methods that are based on the modern brain research, Burnout can be targeted and overcome in a short time.Willingness and capacity to return. Susanne k. has worked in senior management. For several years, she suffers a burnout syndrome.

A rehabilitation program and a subsequent psychotherapy did not lead to the desired results. She was unable to work because of burnout and she felt used increasingly by their health insurance company under pressure, where staff called it at intervals of 14 days and are asked, when she was again ready for use. You may want to visit Ford to increase your knowledge. Susanne felt very weak k due to their Burnout, she could counter any resistance to this approach. Against the advice of her therapist, she resumed their work. Psychotherapy dropped out of it, because they feel so it was no better. Physical symptoms, high blood pressure, tinnitus and chronic sleep disorders continue to impact their work performance and sense of life.

At small unpredictable assignments she feels overwhelmed. Their reduced strength and its reduced commitment lead to feelings of guilt. In the meantime, it costs them overcome to go, although I like you in their company work in the first place. Supervisors take account of them, as far as possible, work planning, but she feels uncomfortable in this special role. They feared the termination due to lack of power. Now their colleagues work for them sometimes. It has come to first conflicts. Susanne k. has met a lot of relaxation techniques and methods to turn off, to reduce stress in the rehabilitation program, in psychotherapy, and also on its own initiative and practiced. Almost cynical noticed it, no other tips such as climbing stairs or to reduce stress, the stress situation to leave to need.


> As natural substances, fats are mapped to lipids… Fats are an energy content of 38,9 kJ (9.3 kcal) per gram of the main energy storage for people, animals and some plants. Plants are mainly in seeds or germs in the animal organism in adipose tissue fat. Fats and fatty oils are used as food (fats and oils). If you would like to know more then you should visit actress. Food addictions mean an un-ter aware autonomous, like all addictions, and continually more and more. A compulsive dependency syndrome is an addiction, a biological brain disorder. This is sustainable changes of brain structure and function, which produces proteins. The addictions be manifested! Addiction sufferers come barely more of their drugs.

By the urge to the obligation. (1) Getting used to image end substances such as fat – and calorie-containing Foods cause similar dopamine Amin shock and happiness feelings such as cocaine and heroin, because junk food specifically for example with too much monosodium glutamate, caffeine, sugar and corn syrup is enriched. The dopamine receptors from heroin – and kokainsuchtigen rats needed 2 days up to the normal level of the Domanim. Fat addicts (junk food) receptors in rats require up to 2 weeks for the normal level of Domanim. Salt causes a growing salt-dependence. With more and more salt causes in addition more and more Mono-sodium glutamate. Salt is used increasingly as a substitute for spice.

Why should someone do sports, if he eats better chocolate? (1) In the case of the food (such as fast-food: fat, sugar, evt.) Glutamat-Rezeptoren) a coercive behavior arises by associative learning pathways in the brain (lust). This activity runs continuously, as when the dependency of ideologies (religions, politics and sports fanaticism (Islamists)), drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Behind it, he’s responsible for our sense of happiness Neurotransmitters and chemiche Messenger substance dopamine. Each continued pursuit after a dopamine rush (high) the DNA of our brain adjust: in particular the proteins that control a feel-good neurotransmitters known under the name of glutamic acid.

Electric Toothbrush – Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean sonic toothbrush already for a long time I was looking for a perfect toothbrush, as my dentist me that Philips Sonicare DiamondClean recommended. I tend to inflamed gums and therefore need a toothbrush that can thoroughly clean along the gum line. The result is Philips Sonicare DiamondClean for me perfect. Teeth and gum line be cleaned perfectly without it is bleeding gums. Thus is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean for me the perfect toothbrush. I’ve also found that my teeth through the regular care with the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean have become much whiter. So there is of course also for the strong cleaning power, which has this tooth brush.

Plaque is removed efficiently even in hard to reach places. This is due to the dynamic fluid flow, which helps the toothbrush to clean deeply and thoroughly. Also with the handling of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, I am very happy. I like the built-in timer, with which you can always be careful to keep up the brushing time of 2 minutes, which is recommended by dentists. Also, there are five different cleaning stages between which you can choose. The brush head is slightly bent.

Once you have used it, you can reach the molars particularly well so. Very practically, I think also the USB travel charger case, that is available with the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. It provides a convenient way to to take Philips Sonicare DiamondClean in a handbag and also in the Office via USB to connect to your computer. Overall, Sonicare Hx9332 for me the Philips is a toothbrush, which provides much better results, than a manual toothbrush. I can recommend it definitely.

Importance of Breakfast

The breakfast is an important prerequisite for a safe school. The child is safer moves on the way to school, if it’s been a while awake and energy at breakfast has recorded. Real breakfast ring, get in the morning still no bites down, to motivate, breakfast is hard. A glass of milk, cocoa or even fruit juice should be in any case. Fruit slices and Granola bars can be given for the school. What is a needs-based supply of effort? In General, plant foods and drinks should be dominant, followed by a moderate consumption of animal foods and an economical use of fat – and to sugar-rich foods.

The following products can be integrated distributed over the day or the week in the specified amount of the diet of the effort (Kersting & Blake, 1996). Drinks: 900-1 300 ml per day bread and cereals: 200-300 g / day potatoes, pasta, cereal: 150-250 g per day vegetables: 220-300 g per day of fruits: 220-300 g per day milk/products: 400-450 g per day, meat, sausage: 50-75 g per day eggs: 2-3 eggs per week of fish: 150-200 grams per week, margarine, oil, butter: 30-40 g sugar per day or high-fat sweets and snacks: five meals, and to distinguish three main meals and two snacks are recommended 60-95 g per day. In the following list, you will find a potential meal distribution with the empfholenen time for children and young people (Kersting & Blake, 1996). first breakfast (at home): second between 7 and 8 o’clock breakfast (in the school): between 9 and 10: 00 Lunch: between 12 and 13 o’clock afternoon meals: between 15 and 16: 00 dinner: between 18 and 19: 00 this optimum design of meal can be not always implemented in everyday life, it gives only an indication the meal distribution would look like. It is striking that there are only short distances between meals, which ensures a steady supply of energy and promotes concentration.

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