Social Assistant

Ahead of these challenges the professional gains one article in the Federal Constitution of 1988? CF/88, approved in 5 of October, bringing a new conception for the Social Assistance, including it in the sphere of the Social security: Art.194. The social security understands an integrated set of action of initiative Being able of them Public and the society, destined to assure the relative rights to the health, the providence and the social assistance. (CONSTITUTION OF the FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL, 2003, P. 193.). The Politics of Social Assistance is enrolled in the CF/88 for articles 203 and 204: Art.203 the Social Assistance will be given to who of it to need, independently of contribution to the social security. The Federal Constitution of 1988 represents a landmark in the history of the Social Assistance.

From it the Social Assistance starts to be recognized as Public, inserted Politics in the field of the Social security, through articles 203 and 204, being, later regulated for the Organic Law of the Social Assistance? LOAS (Law n.8.742, of 1993), breaching with the stigma of the assistencialismo and charity, vehemently marked for the action of the Church Catholic. In this process, the Social Assistance starts to be a right of the citizen and a duty of the State, as Politics of not tax-paying Social security, carried through through prompt actions to guarantee the social minimums. Therefore, as Ministry of Public Works and the Economy MDS (1999), has the necessity of implantation of one Politics, the national level, that promotes the implementation of the Social Assistance of homogeneous form. Such Politics appears in 2004 and is regulated by the Only System of Social Assistance? ITS, in 2005, being last a way used for the Social Assistant as actor of promotion it welfare and social protection the aged families, children, adolescents, young, people and to whom of it they need, guaranteeing not assistencialista profile, but of protection of the individual and collective diffuse rights.

River Acre

Beyond of that they present other DST? s, changeable numbers of sexual partners and the use of 15 condom CONCLUSION the finding most significant of the studies was not that the gonorria is an illness that still incidence in women presents low in if comparing with other DST as clamdia6, sfilis and HIV, however the gonorria is a still very preoccupying illness in Brazil, I number since it of women that they not yet declare to make the use of condoms in its sexual relations is sufficiently high, being determinative factor to contract the illness. The biggest prevalences of the gonorreia still meet in the women of 20 – 30 years of age, very significant data, since the young is more propitious practises it sexual and dissemination of the gonorria. The indices had shown the low socioeconmico level, the escolaridade tie 1 degree, as bigger prevalence, being able to be associated the imperfection of the health publishes the devoid places. The high tax of the use of preservative does not show the necessity of educational campaigns on sexual behavior and use of the condom, directed the women with steady partners. However still a lack of tracking of these carrying women of the gonorria exists, who need a fixed accompaniment so that the treatment really has success and effectiveness, so that it has an increase in the control of these DST in the prevention of its dissemination in the society. It enters the possible limitations of this study, can be pontuar the available lack of material and resources, as point negative for the course of the research, harming the demonstrated results, thus being able to present, an exaggeration how much to the presented indices. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1-SILVA. the R.; LOPES, C.M.; MUNIZ, P.T.; Inquiry of the Condom in Messengers of the River Acre: transport, preservation, use and risk of infection for the DSTs.

Natural Resources

To prevent positions extremely exaggerated, alarmistas and passionals of heralds of the apocalypse is the way more indicated to understand the problem better. In case of doubts on so antagonistic positions for a quandary so complex, still for times covered of uncertainties, has of if making choices. In this scene, the way most correct is the action in the direction to protect the environment, therefore in the nature punishment does not have prizes nor, only consequncias, and is certain that the human being modified the chemical composition of the planet. Still one is unaware of the limits of tolerance of the nature and which its break-even point, but it is known that many limits had been exceeded and science and the technology, in set with forces of common-sense of the organized society, go to show the ways of the ambient preservation and the homostasis of the planet. After all, since the primrdios, the man interacts with the environment in search of balance and survival, and this harmony is obstructed by the population increase sped up and consumption on a large scale of the natural resources. The Holoceno period, during which it appeared and if it developed the civilization human being, propitiated extensive and longeva comfort zone, with climate and temperature in balance state and few abrupt changes. On the other hand, a critical moment is lived where the environment comes firmly being lead for a disequilibrium point, without return to its statu is better status quo.

All climatic system, given to its non linearity, can be loosed balance quickly of a state for another one, in search of a new stability, with consequncias unexpected, but certainly catastrophic. The ecosystems have to have the capacity of resilience or elasticity necessary to support the deformations and to retake its form original, in order to supply foods, energy, water and climatic stability in favor of the balance and of the continuity of the life. However, if it does not respect the necessary time for the recovery of the natural capital, for the opposite, is extracted more of the nature than its capacity of restoration. Per long years, the human being has committed the injure-humanity crime, when transforming, to modify and to attack the four physical elements of the nature: the ground, the water, air and the solar energy. Much time was lost in the race for the mitigao of the actual damages for the human being to the nature, a time that not return more and that certainly it left serious consequncias and sequelas. It is possible to see the past, but not to modify it, already the future can be influenced, but if it cannot see it. It is preferable, then, that the current generation can be recognized in the future for having acted of firm form and resoluta in the protection of the environment.

The future is constructed to day after day, rock on rock. It has given, facts and information that they make possible to enxergar to the front without great myopic distortions, of form to allow the taking of safe decisions to offer to the future generations a healthful life and of quality. The current generations, guests and gentlemen of the nature, who had not inherited the planet Land of the grandmothers, but had not taken loaned by its children, must take care of to the necessities and aspirations of the gift without compromising the capacity also to take care of to the ones of the future. This is sustainable development: perennial, perpetual, perpetual, that it imposes limits for a survival question.

Family Heirlooms

Therefore, a rather interesting piece of the celebratory program will be guests of the wishes of the person responsible for writing celebration. Then, after many years, meeting the same composition, can be re-read all the suggestions and see which ones come true. As for himself a birthday gift, then the mass of ideas here, you just "enable" imagination and thought that you would like to get themselves a gift on this auspicious day. Abroad to make presents to the machine age, but because such a "marker" gift afford not everyone can buy ordinary toy car and donate it to the person responsible for the triumph of wishes over time to acquire this. However, if your child is knocked 18, just a humorous gift is necessary. Great gift for girls is the author's jewelry, you can even order it engraved.

Such things tend to become family heirlooms and passed down from generation to generation. And as they decorate a woman! No less welcome gift for a girl becomes a professional photo session. Find the best craftsmen and do in a professional studio individual and family photos, this memory, too, will last a lifetime! Photo shoot can be to arrange and a young man, but as a rule, men are less needed its own beautiful pictures. What, then, to please his son and grandson, who has suddenly become such an adult and almost (or entirely) independent? You can donate his journey! Whether it will be equestrian camping or gourmet cruise – you decide, in accordance with the tastes and aspirations of your birthday. Of the more affordable gifts, if you're visiting a friend, relative, friend, we can choose a bunch of balloons with the number 18 on each. Imagine the surprise a person if in the midst of the celebration on the doorstep there is a messenger with a huge bunch of colorful, inflated with helium balloons and applause of all present gives him this beauty.

If the majority is celebrating a girl, you can buy a huge bouquet would be nice if it bude 19 flowers – each year one, and the nineteenth – the future. Again, for a girl perfectly fit a variety of soft toys, because she herself they would not buy it. My girlfriend, for example, long dreamed about a huge polar bear, but because it is a miracle is not cheap (Bear increase was slightly below the the birthday girl), she herself could not buy it. And just imagine her surprise when early-morning under the door of the apartment she finds a large box, unpack it, and there the same , which for so long dreamed. Delight not was no limit. If the birthday boy is seriously something keen, you can give him something that fits their interests. Geek suitable ultramodern mouse, a photographer – a set of flares, or additional staff, football player – the new ball autographed by your favorite players. A nice way – the cake in the form of the subject of hobbies hero for the day. Know that people have long wanted to jump with a parachute or ride on a catamaran? Arrange it so holiday – book this event, and your surprise is not only appreciate, but will remember for a lifetime. Options can be a lot more, but more importantly, to your chosen gift or surprise for the interests and hobbies, birthday, and was made from the heart. That's when it really brings joy.


The orientation must break of administrators and lawyers of the institution for a bigger clarification of the collaborators. What new areas of services are being searched for the organization? – Implantation of the laboratory of computer science (update of professionals of the education and pupils) 1.2 Conscription of people Who procedures of conscription of professionals the organization adopts? Election: – Competition, interviews, period of training, indication and resume. The conscription and the election of staff are two processes used for suppliment of two demands, proceeding from the company and an other of the worker, for act of contract of professionals for positions in an organization. These processes generally are carried through by people qualified, and involved in the area of Human resources. In few words, to enlist is to look a set, of bigger possible number of people whom they supply to the necessity of fulfilling of a position, in accordance with the planning of human resources. To select is to choose between these people, the potentially capable one to occupy the position in question (CHIAVENATO, 2005).

After the individual to be selected for the organization, is necessary to review where it will go to give its services. One is about decision object, therefore in any instance of the health management it has areas that greater or minor urgency determined professional categories needs with, with more or less prerequisite. It has that if to search the place most adequate for diligent data, in one determined organization, in view of its efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness. The processes of conscription, election, act of contract and capacity will be based on the ethical principle of the transparency and the free access to all the interested parties. The institution it must have instituted a process of sizing of staff, considering the necessities of the institution, the magnifying of the services and the reality epidemiologist; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the suppliment due of the decurrent vacant of: retirements, resignations, deaths and others; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the maintenance of the sizing of staff; The processes of conscription and election of workers will occur in accord with the Direction of the institution and the Secretariat of Education.

The First

Son of Teseu and Antope, moral queen of Amazon, Hiplito possua beauty and principles. Ahead of the attempts of seduction of its Fedra stepmother, it he repels it. Offended, Fedra searchs to avenge itself and counts the Teseu that to its tried it son to seduce. Teseu, in turn offended, asks for the Neptune who kills Hiplito. Opposing the orders of Zeus, who forbade to the resurrection dead them that he would cause despovoamento of the kingdom of Hades- Asclpio makes over again Hiplito. Zeus, when perceiving the disobedience, fulmina Asclpio, but, when taking pity of the reasons of it, transforms Asclpio into the Ophiuchus constellation ' ' serpente' ' symbol of the life that if it renews continuously. The dedicated sanctuaries Asclpio was local for the reestablishment of the health, by means of the lapsing of practical therapeutical, diets and exercises.

Of the lapsings, most common it was of the incubation, that consisted of leaving the sick person to adormecer inside of a temple and to wait that the god came and cured to it. Votivas rocks indicate that the belief in its cultured one was spread out and persistent. He was represented as a man of looking at docile and calm, with the arm supported in a baton where if enrosca a serpent (from there the symbol of the medicine). Of its relationship with Epione, its more influential children in the medicine had been Panaceia and Higeia, evoked in the oath of Hipcrates. 4. A NATURAL SOLUTION the philosophy Greek, in its origin, influenced the medicine, searching an explanation for the health process and illness that was not based on supernatural information. Alcmeo de Crton was one of the first ones to associate the health as balance between opposing qualities, and associated the illness for the supremacy of one of the qualities (cold/hot; dry/humid). It also associated the brain to the directions and the thoughts.

The Friends

This requires no courage at first, but solely the willingness to think about their desires. Displace the thoughts, what probably the kids, the neighbors, the friends will say. Will you keep me crazy for perfect? Am I even recognized? Priority: this is first and foremost your personal well-being, not the rating or rating by others. You are an individual and only responsible to. Prevent your further decision-making process also with own manslaughter arguments”like for example, are actually too old or too sick for something new. Changes in life give lot new strength and confidence.

A life-affirming after the decision pending thorough considerations, research and calculations in budgetary terms, you should set out alone to your well-being. Should you choose for a Yes – congratulations! With this Yes you choose namely personally. You have a life-affirming decision. This decision will cost in most cases much courage and strength. You however hereby affirm their own needs, thus deciding for themselves – possibly also a decision against others. Therefore you should relatively be sure that you want to actually realize this decision. You have a right to be happy – even at the age.

Feeling, to have missed something that was a very important or is or the feeling of an unfilled life can affect very negatively but also in higher age soul and body. A life-affirming, positive change can be therefore an incredibly positive impact. It’s never too late Standstill is regression, so don’t stop. Every movement, every active are good for your Constitution, you will get more fit and healthy. Looking for new tasks and fields of activity, new circles of friends that you inspire. It is never too late to catch up. Not just resign themselves to a situation you are not satisfied with the. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy, assuming a basis for, seriously ill. Change what you do not want to resign themselves, if you’re able. Catch up! Live actively! IK

Coast Axe

To say that it does not have right to the antecipatria guardianship against the Public Farm in case of established damage distrust it is the same that to affirm that the right of the citizen can be injured when the Public Farm he is r.’ ‘ Alvim career 7 alleges that not to admit the anticipation of the guardianship, on account of the double obligator degree, in the causes against the Public Farm, would also compel the not admitiz one it, for the same reason, in the causes against the particular ones where it had received voluntary resource in the returnable and suspensive effect. More ahead, following the same reasoning, Alvim Career, with property tells: In some hypotheses, the guardianship order is directed to the proper preservation of the life human being, as in the not authorized transfusions of blood for familiar for religious reasons, or in the authorization for amputation of a member of a person, where, being indispensable the surgery, it if refuse of – there; in others, to the maintenance of the health of the interested party, as it occurred in the release of the blocked Cruzados, for ends of medical treatment or urgent operations e, in others, to the survival of the insured, as in the restoration of previdencirio benefit, given the alimentary character of the revenues. Of this ‘ ‘ lado’ ‘ , we still have the positioning of Antonio Claude of the Coast Axe 8, that it supports that the double degree of obligator jurisdiction for the sentences, contrary to the public interest is not barrier to the emission of interlocutory judgements against the State, but only one guarantee of that, having a favorable sentence it, this necessarily will be reapreciada by a court. It still supports, Humberto Theodoro 9 Jniors that, given to the existing difference between anticipated guardianship and the writ of prevention, one has understood that the particular one, observed the requirements of article 273, the CPC, it has right to get, provisorily, the effect that would only happen of the final judgement of merit, exactly in face of the Public Farm, having the exception of Nelson Nery of that it cannot have breaking to the writing of article 100, of the Federal Constitution.

Colds And Flus

As soon as the cold, many people neglect basic rules on health and sovego it all begins with mild cold. Many slight cold does not cause any concern, but it is starting point for all other viral diseases. The common cold is the reason for the manifestation of various underlying ailments. Correctly chosen treatment cold by natural means, not only will help quick restore health, but also protect against complications (such as the flu), bringing a lot of trouble and often dangerous. It is usually good enough to warm the body inside and out, sweat, put the banks to health, because then inevitably will, be felt different ailments to cure that will be much harder than the common cold.

Should bear this in mind that the flu most often develops in a weakened cold body. Flu manifested in the same way as the common cold, and then there are fever, headache, muscle aches or joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, cough, and prolonged bad cold. Bad flu often cured changes in lung inflammation. In addition, during the influenza manifest all sorts of hitherto hidden disease, liver disease, kidney, bladder. When the above symptoms, precursors of influenza, immediately go to bed, sweat, warm, and further treated by natural means, which are described on this site. If you do exactly what you will find a quick recovery and back down the flu and possible complications will be prevented. But in any case can not be ignored colds and flu: it's too dangerous for your health.

Armed Forces

The renewal of composition of these collegiate ones is made to each 2 (two) years, as it comes occurring since the year of 2003, through resolutions of the CONAMA, having been integrated for diverse States, integrant of the too much regions politics? South, Southeast, Center-West and Northeast, as will be demonstrated more ahead, except, for States of the Region North. But, never, until then, a State of the Amaznia integrated this so important chamber technique. 2.? DESCRIPTION the CTEA was created in 1995, in temporary character, through Resolution CONAMA n 11, of 10.10.95, having ' ' as objective to argue and to consider to the plenary assembly, norms of efetivao and incentive of the ambient education, the level of formal and informal education, form to contribute for the formation of a conscience of the sustainable development in the Pas' ' (sic). It established that resolution that then the temporary CT would have observers that they would participate of the meetings with right the voice, and that the House of representatives and Federal Senate would be indicated by. She was composed for Council members of the CONAMA, representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Agriculture, the Supplying and the Agrarian Reformation; Ministry of the Education and Sport; Health department; General staff of the Armed Forces; IBAMA; Government of the State of the Bahia; Government of the Federal District; Government of the State of the Espirito Santo; Government of the State of Gois; Government of the State of the Paraba; Government of the State of Pernambuco; Government of the State of Santa Catarina; Government of the State of Sergipe; Representative Civil entity of the Northeast Region; National association of Cities and Environment. Interesting to attempt against that the cited CT was constituted of representatives of almost all the regions of Brazil? Northeast (BA, PB, FOOT, IF), Center-West (GO, DF), Southeast (YOU ARE), South (SC), except of the Region North.

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