Colds And Flus

As soon as the cold, many people neglect basic rules on health and sovego it all begins with mild cold. Many slight cold does not cause any concern, but it is starting point for all other viral diseases. The common cold is the reason for the manifestation of various underlying ailments. Correctly chosen treatment cold by natural means, not only will help quick restore health, but also protect against complications (such as the flu), bringing a lot of trouble and often dangerous. It is usually good enough to warm the body inside and out, sweat, put the banks to health, because then inevitably will, be felt different ailments to cure that will be much harder than the common cold.

Should bear this in mind that the flu most often develops in a weakened cold body. Flu manifested in the same way as the common cold, and then there are fever, headache, muscle aches or joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, cough, and prolonged bad cold. Bad flu often cured changes in lung inflammation. In addition, during the influenza manifest all sorts of hitherto hidden disease, liver disease, kidney, bladder. When the above symptoms, precursors of influenza, immediately go to bed, sweat, warm, and further treated by natural means, which are described on this site. If you do exactly what you will find a quick recovery and back down the flu and possible complications will be prevented. But in any case can not be ignored colds and flu: it's too dangerous for your health.