Required Station

Estimates the required head for pumping station automatic watering systems can use a simplified calculation: the pressure is defined as the sum of the required pressure at the point of use, expressed in meters (for example, 2 bar = 20 m water column), the maximum depth suction, the maximum depth of effort and 15% of the total pipeline length (this is roughly equivalent to loss of pressure, which caused friction within the water suction pipe). Thus, we have identified "Working point" of the pump. Now in the directory of pumping equipment for the hydraulic diagram of the curve of each pump should find a point of intersection between the two data points. If the "working point" Use is above the curve, then the characteristics of the pump does not meet the requirements of your system's automatic watering. When it is below the curve – the pump meets the requirements of your avtopoliva site. To get started, any pumping station automatic irrigation system does not require any additional training, immediately after installation and integration, they begin to pump water, while not necessarily pre-fill the suction line as for the other pump. Preconditioned to a water source is necessary.

If you can not pump out water from the spring until the water goes completely cleared of sand and mud, the suction required to use special cleaning filters. Also, be sure that the performance of the pumping station is not greater than the debit of water source for automatic watering systems. Launch pumping station for the automatic irrigation occurs after the pump is filled with water through the filling hole. Water-air mixture is obtained when you first start pumping station, creating a vacuum in the desired suction port, and thus there is a rise of water from the source. Formed in the pump air out through a special valve.

Pumping station before starting to fully check for leaks suction line. In this case the required pressure in the pressure vessel must comply with 0.9 of the inclusion pressure. In the setting of pressure pumping station off and on by means of a pressure switch. Modern technologies allow the use of automatic watering systems for virtually any water source with a sufficiently large debit. Optimally balanced pump or pump unit can meet the demand for water is not only automatic watering system, but also supply all the country house.

Stima Profecia

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The first mystery is such ‘ ‘ GUF’ ‘ , or Hall of the Souls, that indicates the end dagerao of souls in the Sky and therefore the end of the life human being in the Land. It was a lindahistria counted for Bannen and proven by Abby in the reading of a book old demitos. But ‘ has others as many propositais mysteries; ‘ of enredo’ ‘ , comoquando if it tries to answer to the following questions: 1) Why the sparrow died so fast (to the foot of the stairs)? 2) As the Priest Lucci and Abby (it also was presentena scene of the tortures the Jesus) they had survived as much time without dying? How Abbyapareceu without a childbirth and a current birth certificate? 3) What it was the white spot sweeping the red Moon? 4) Why the Christ-Bannen needed a radio of ondascurtas? 5) What it was the full bag of ‘ ‘ eggs cozidos’ ‘ dependuradosobre a water pan fervente in the hour of the execution of Jimmy? At last, ‘ ‘ AStima Profecia’ ‘ it is much more of what one has filmed. It is a new reading of the Apocalypse, worthy of an official register in theological doctrine. Of the one another one interpretao Parusia and express an idea without fear of religious inquisitions, namely: anoo of that the Bible of the edge if to think about Christ-Witness, caminhandonos last days of the terrestrial chaos and trying to see if finds something that seaproveite of love to the next one, faith eesperana. If to find If It to find, the world will have one segundachance. If he was God, I also I would come thus, before the end, as Lion-spy. Brave Prof.


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