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The values Integritat(1) and trust in the implementation phase also help in hard times the course through the following behavior to keep: open, direct and honest communication towards customers and employees constructive, sovereign dealing with emotionally and unfair criticism transparent, consistent and comprehensible behavior problems actively confront, indoor and in relation with conscious life in the old and new values of fair and responsible dealing with the supposed losers of change measures; Here words are not sufficient, individual measures are necessary. Charles Margulis may also support this cause. Newer findings according to four aspects for a company are critical success factors: successful companies remove communication barriers for customers and suppliers. Appreciation in dealing will this experience for stakeholders, that it is the language which they speak and understand. Transparency is an essential element of health and should be in dealing with the employees have Mission function and are reflected as well in the performance and range of services for the customers of the company. Especially in situations where from the point of view of stakeholders something went wrong, companies should behave integer. Integer trading companies behave customer-friendly and accommodating, taking account of the interests of their clients. These few examples may show that change processes greatly helps mitigate their problems when it attaches to a corresponding Mission function and importance of implementing the values of integrity and trust.

4 phase: Success reap the transition to the (new) sustainable value orientation while the values in the third phase can be seen above all as a compass to keep the course in turbulent situations, so it is important especially after the actual measures of the change, Normality to save and revive. Values do not take effect until strategies concludes a study of values. Singer may help you with your research. Success needs no ethics. If you want but long-term success is based on ethical values such as integrity, trust, and fairness and rewarded sustainably. The life experience as well as the initially quoted studies show that.

This also applies for people as for organizations, in normal times such as in response to changing times, but in a special mass! (1) integrity so that all activities are meant, the honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, incorruptibility, i.e. the respectability in the present and future (business) life people serve. (values network) Thomas Mullenholz, organization consultant, trainer and coach is partner of the values Institute and regional manager of the values network Stuttgart. The content and methods are excerpts quoted from lecture documentation of the values Institute, if no other sources are reported. Thomas Mullenholz is contact person for more information. You will find information and contact details see:

KFZ-Handel: How Customers Are Fans

Tifosi-strategy workshop by ifsm car dealers design strategies, to increase the attractiveness of their business. Speaking candidly Center for Environmental Health told us the story. How can we sell more vehicles and spare parts and services generate more sales? Currently many car dealerships are facing this issue. And often they have no answers here. Therefore organized the ifsm Institute for sale on October 15 in the Metoki Besselich Urbar in Koblenz, a workshop of the Tifosi strategy”designed specifically for owners, Managing Director and Sales Director of car dealerships. In the half-day workshop participants, advertising specialist Mrs of Michaela Mojzis, trained at the Vienna University of Economics and ifsm Managing Director Uwe Reusche present a strategy to win new customers and old customers (re -) enable.

She according to Mojzis, who for many years was a large Austrian people’s Party Campaign Manager, aims, that from the (not yet-) customers of the car houses similar to loyal fans be as football clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and the FC Barcelona have. The key to this is according to Michaela Mojzis, to offer not only a top product, customers expect today of course the customers”. Rather it applies, this emotionally more than a maintenace bind it requires”. For this purpose the car dealerships, so Mojzis, also a personal profile must develop, so that a relationship from person to person”. In the workshop Michaela Mojzis and Uwe Reusche a way imagine how car dealers can achieve this goal in seven steps. For more information for those interested in the ifsm Institute sale management, Urbar (Tel: 0261 / 962 3641;) E-Mail:). You can download also this from the ifsm website ( download. Participation in the workshop of the Tifosi strategy”is free of charge.

Terminals Ingenico

70 63 – 54 fax 70 63 – 50 E-Mail: Internet of easycash since 1992 developed easycash market-driven solutions for card-based cashless payments. Germany’s biggest payment provider offers comprehensive service from a single source and covers with the business areas all relevant areas of card-based payment solutions POS infrastructure, payment processing, issuing processing, acquiring, payment services, as well as card and loyalty solutions. Easy cash’s product range includes user-friendly terminals, high-performance solutions in the area of transaction processing and related services tuned. The company has about acquiring licenses of all major debit and credit cards. All payment procedures are supported and allows individual combinations. By the own number procedure OLV is easycash largest debit processor with the most meaningful lock file in the German Market. Comprehensive services, customized solutions as well as an own card management and billing system that enables the integration of individual solutions in the existing POS infrastructure to complete the full service portfolio. easycash over 360 employees and serves 92,000 dealers with 265,000 terminals.

The settled payment transactions 2009 amounted to nearly 1 billion transactions. A third of these payment transactions via girocard and Maestro. so is easycash market leader in the processing of girocard-and Maestro transactions. The company has an unwound payments amounting to EUR 52 billion. End of 2009 was easycash acquired by Ingenico, the leading provider of payment solutions (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING). In 140 countries around the world are 15 million Terminals Ingenico in use; 3,000 employees worldwide innovative and secure solutions in the area of electronic payment procedures provide merchants, banks and service providers.

In Germany, the Terminal – and PIN-pad solutions are of Ingenico at all important network operators or acquirers allowed. Among the customers are also health care, all segments of the retail trade as well as the petroleum industry and transportation in addition to the network operators and acquirers. easycash GmbH, to the DIN 20, D-40885 Ratingen registered office of the company: Amtsgericht Dusseldorf, Ratingen, HRB No. 43846 Managing Director: Marc Birkner, Christoph Pfeifer, Siegfried home Walker of easycash loyalty solutions core competence of easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the development, implementation, and manage individual customer cards programs. Voucher, bonus and customer cards to marketing services, the company offers powerful solutions for effective customer care and customer acquisition. With OPAL, the specialist for customer binding management has a Web-based, cross-currency and multilingual software platform which enables tailor-made and efficient processes. The leader in customer loyalty concepts in Germany operates a variety throughout Europe wide variety of programs. easycash loyalty solutions serves more than 21 million customer accounts and processed 2009 30 million payment and bonus transactions. The Hamburg-based company employs 75 people. easycash GmbH, Hugh-Greene-WEG 2 D-22529 Hamburg loyalty solutions company headquarters: Hamburg, HRB No. 103195, Amtsgericht Hamburg Managing Director: Christoph Pfeifer

Lessing IRM GmbH

Risk management with enrisma: simple integration into existing IT-structures and rapid deployment of a professional solution. Rosenheim, 14.04.2010 middle class required risk management “* the Handelsblatt headlined recently.” Studies of the risk management Association e.V. of RiskNET, the leading pool of knowledge around risk management and compliance, confirms this assessment: just the middle class faces the urgent, but hitherto neglected task in a timely manner to identify business risks and evaluate. It’s not only about prevention. Often, opportunities can be used such as when provisions due to miscalculation and a vague mood of crisis are set to high instead of aggressively investing in growth. But the still widely used Excel systems for this purpose prove to be insufficient or represent a significant source of risk. Because a call to real time data is feasible with Excel nor is there the possibility of a revision-safe version management. Often hangs the quality of the information provided by individual employees off because no examination of the input.

Several people are working on the acquisition, can occur in addition to problems with consolidation and risk aggregation. As the conclusion arises that this approach should not serve as the basis for far-reaching and sensitive business decisions. RiskNET puts it in the recent article spreadsheet risk factor “* to the point: the captain of an Airbus A 380 navigates also not with the on-board instruments of a Fokker F-27.” The enrisma Lessing IRM GmbH offers as a low-cost alternative to the established, but inadequate systems.Single a combined entry solution. Hereby the risks and the risk assessment by the competent staff can be recorded while still in Excel or similar, the data is then but in enrisma.Single imports. Here, the records with the already existing are matched to avoid possible errors. The responsible risk manager may in this way typical Excel weaknesses to exclude and also take advantage of the extensive benefits of a software-based risk management system, displace without the established processes of the company. The new version enrisma.Single offers the user a simple introduction to risk management.

With a short time, the solution to small and medium-sized enterprises is aimed, by she central control is in the base version of a single user. The company in addition to a code-based and stochastic risk assessment in simulations and stress tests are available. A consistent action and damage management complements the functionality. The clearly designed risk control allows the user a quick and comprehensive overview, with the various, graphically prepared and transparent reports significantly facilitating the risk management. An upgrade from enrisma.Single on enrisma.Entry or enrisma.Enterprise is always possible when complete data compatibility. * crisis middle class required risk management; 2505947 * Detailansicht-NEWS.479.0.html?&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=1576&cHash=40066da4cf about Lessing IRM GmbH founded In September 2004, the Rosenheim-based developer and provider of IT-based solutions for integral risk management is one of currently 25 employees and partners, for consulting, support, sales, implementation, and ongoing enhancements of the IRM (integrated risk management) are responsible for application. Lessing IRM provides a complete package solution – and practice-oriented as well as industry-specific and universally applicable risk scenarios (best practice) with your partners as a service provider for business risk management from risk analysis to the implementation of the software to aftercare, advice and support. Press contact Lessing IRM GmbH Petra Schoringhumer outer Munich Street 45 83026 Rosenheim phone: + 49 8031 88734-85 mobile: + 49 162 2444771 E-Mail: Petra.schoeringhumer(at) Web: