Meat-Free Diets

Between 40-60% of cancer of pancreas and liver is produced by excessive consumption of meat as their assimilation is an undue burden on the Agency. Actually this disease is not anything other than a wasteful and uncontrolled growth of diseased cells. In addition there is a wide range of diseases, infections and disorders that are favored by excessive consumption of meat. For example cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of current death, the same increase at the same time that increases the consumption of meat. But also diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke, disturbances of blood circulation, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout and obesity among others, without forgetting that the sensitivity to pain also increases. We would not need the meat in our way of life.

An example is in some Asian countries where people live in a vegetarian way from generations ago, enjoying very good health. Recent studies show that vegetarians have better health parameters, in general vegetarians are healthier. From a scientific standpoint the meat is insane and should be avoided as far as possible. Why then in hospitals, homes for the elderly or schools still is considering the meat diet as a normal diet? If you see any food pyramid recommended by doctors and nutritionists we discovered that most consumed foods should be cereals, followed by fruits and vegetables, and only very high fats, meats, eggs, milk and its derivatives are found. If we look at another pyramid this time of grants from the State to food, we discover that products of animal origin are which include greater State subsidy. What continues to be paradoxical since foods that are not healthy, with this status are funded causes itself in part a good number of problems, since through the enormous expense of the Social Security, you will need to cure those diseases resulting from poor nutrition.

Do not be anything better and more economical? do prevent than cure? In another order of things, it is not known what actually happens in the intensive breeding farms. There the animals are fed so that they can produce in the shortest possible time the greater amount of meat, this can then encourage a situation of uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth in our organism. When fats and meat proteins swim in the human body, is like a marine oil pollution. The cells in the immune system are completely paralyzed because they may not neutralize these harmful particles, this it is not surprising that go so closely linked meat consumption to uncontrollable diseases. The rich and healthy nature offers prepared with top quality ingredients, have resulted in true delicacies. Vegetarian cuisine is not galling, but refreshing, digestive and above all healthy. With the many gifts that nature gives it is easy to give up dangerous meat. Not by chance many famous people lived as a vegetarian, for example Socrates and Plato, Darwin and Tolstoi, Nietzsche and Gandhi, Albert Einstein and many more. Blogs related Diabetes Insipidus and Receiving Social Security Disability What are you taking perscription medications for osteoporosis? Healthy radio March 20: world day of not eating meat or Personalized Napkins, Tea Lights and Small Details puntodevista regulation of inspection of products, by-products and derivatives of how do i cure osteoporosis? How Often Should You Have Bone Density Testing? Combat cardiovascular disease with a good all you need to know about the greasy food eggs poached with vegetables

Professional Health Care Workers

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