Clinical Diagnosis

Diagnosis the essential factor for the diagnosis of the DP is the clinical study, being essential the comment detailed of the signals and symptoms of the illness and the reply to the treatment (ANDRADE et al, 2011). In accordance with Quagliato (2011) the motor symptoms of the illness of parkinson appear the neuronal loss correspond 70% and are folloied by reduced levels of dopamina in the compact substance of the brain. Some neurological examinations as? PET scan? (cat scan for emission of positrns) not carried through in Brazil, it can be useful for the diagnosis of the DP, therefore it makes possible an evaluation of the cerebral function. Get more background information with materials from supermodel. Available the computerized cat scan and the magnetic resonance in the country do not allow visualization of the cerebral function, being useful for the distinguishing diagnosis with the parkinsonianas syndromes. The necroscopy is another important examination because it visualizes the corpsculos of Lewy and its alterations, these structures is considered as marking biological of the pathology in study. Treatment the treatment is adjusted in accordance with the neessidade of each one and gravity of the clinical picture, is only stops to alliviate the symptoms because cure does not exist. The treatment can be medicamentoso, surgical, sessions of fisioterapia, fonoaudiologia and accompaniment for nutritionist, doctor and team of nursing, all multiprofessional team and familiar support is of extreme value for the carrier of Parknson aiming at the promotion of comfort, and better quality of life.


But, these emotional questions are not only restricted to the scope of the construction of its identity, therefore it has some aspects that permeiam the emotional experiences of these adolescents and that they will have to be considered. Being the emotions the forces that motivate the behavior all, no aspect of the development of the adolescent is of bigger importance of what its life emotional. Practically all its difficulties involve, obviously, emotions. If an adolescent cannot understand, unless its ways are understood to feel parallel what it thinks and it makes. In the reality, he must yourself be looked for to not only understand the emotions that express, but to be alert for the emotions that try to hide. The feelings regarding itself exactly and of the others, as well as the judgment that its to see the others makes of it, dominate all the life of the adolescent (FIELDS, 2001, P. 51-52). To consider the human being in all its fullness, not if it only can restringiz it to its biological and emotional aspects.

It must be gone beyond, considering, also its social aspect. To redefine the adolescence becomes necessary, therefore thus if it will only be able to understand it as a social construction. Before the displayed one, Gonalves (2001) and Bock (2001) they call the attention for the necessity if rethink the naturalizante conception of adolescence and adolescent, where all the characteristics registered in this period they have been conceived as inevitable and inherent, thus contributing, to characterize the adolescence as a phase repleta of problems. This vision will go to reflect in the form as the adolescents are seen by its groups, familiar, pairs, etc. 2 PREGNANCY IN the ADOLESCENCE: STATISTICAL HISTORICIDADE, DATA AND FACTORS OF 2,1 RISK HISTORICAL BRIEFING OF the PREGNANCY IN the ADOLESCENCE the pregnancy in the first years of reproductive life is not recent phenomenon in the history of the humanity.

The Acid

However, while these amino acids are necessary for normal functioning of the brain, when absorbed in extreme amounts they can cause, short-term, hiperatividade, chronic headache, torxica, tonteira pain and palpitations and, in the long run, have been implied in a series of neurodegenerativas illnesses, including illness of Alzheimer, of Parkinson, Korea of Huntington, cerebral spill, multiple sclerosis and AL5. In the case of the autismo irregularities related to the glutamato they have been observed. QUARREL the glutamato acts as neurotransmitter in the brain facilitating the transmission of information of neuron for neuron. The excess in the brain kills certain neurons for allowing exaggerated calcium affluence for inside of these cells. If you are not convinced, visit Rand Paul. This affluence propitiates to an excess of free radicals, that kill these cells. The damage to the neuronal cell that can be caused by glutamato excess is the reason by which such substances are called ' ' excitotoxinas' '.

They ' ' excitam' ' or they stimulate the neuronais cells to the death. (4) the great one majority (75 percent or more) of neuronais cells in a particular area of the brain is deceased before any clinical symptoms of a chronic disease is perceived. Recently Cindy Crawford sought to clarify these questions. The acid asprtico of the aspartame has the same harmful effect in the body of the acid glutmico. (5) the problem starts from the moment that the metabolism of the account of the substance excess and the mechanism of exploitation of this neurotransmitter does not start to fail, therefore the brain requires excellent levels of oxygen and energy to remove the glutamato excess. When these levels enough do not have stress oxidativo, toxic levels of glutamato if they accumulate in the sinpticas junctions. Doctors who work with the cerebral inflammation as possible cause or aggravation of these illnesses, adopt a free diet of glutamato. High levels of glutamato are found in rich foods in proteins, including glten of the wheat, in the casein of milk and the proper soy.

Chronic Illnesses

Schraiber et al (2010, p.964) portraies ' ' demands of the men these are sufficient specific: pains, fevers or bruises and wounds. Some interviewed relate illnesses chronic as hipertenso arterial and diabetes.' ' In the same study one standes out the attendance of the health services and its professionals, described to follow: The services reveal similar in its functioning: they are centered in the individual consultations, valuing the medical assistance; the consultations are fast and the professionals more are worried in offering to one ready reply, reducing the most possible its reasoning; the behaviors already known and centered in the therapeutical one take decisions directed of patologias; many encaminhamentos occur, much order of examinations and almost always it has an indication of remedies. After all, medicines allies the laboratoriais examinations, would be, in the opinion of them, the behavior also waited for the users, satisfying to all. Senator From Kentucky is a great source of information. (Schraiber et al, 2010 p.964). We can observe ahead of the displayed one that most of the professionals centers its behaviors and little they value the prevention and the promotion of the special health and in the consultations to the men directly is related the complaints and patologias. To the eyes of the O.M.S. More info: Kenneth R. Feinberg. to work with prevention is basic and more still when it is about illnesses caused for the life style, that is determinative factor in the cases of morbimortalidade between men. 2,4 National politics of integral Attention the health of the man. Throughout last the cinquenta years had been observed consequentemente significant changes in the field of the health and attendance the specific for presenting determined characteristic such as the women, children and even though the aged ones groups, and in this context the man remained forgotten with respect to one politics health come back to the masculine group, is fact that had been carried through some campaigns come back to this population as alcoholism and prevention of D.S.T.? s, but these actions had not guaranteed one politics publish specific the men. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rand Paul.


These increasing number, Health department ahead of casarios childbirths also of its complications, it passed, then, to carry through politics of incentive to the natural childbirth, that also is on to the humanizao. In accordance with Days and Domingues (2005) these slight knowledge already come being used have some years, in special, the area of the health. The field of assistance to the childbirth has been objectified for some proposals of modifications of this model, mainly, when it is said of softly-risk childbirth. According to Axe and Square (2006), the obsttrica assistance must be centered in the necessities of the customer if not basing only on norms and procedures, and yes in the valuation of the individuality, considering the woman in labor one to be bio-psico-social-spiritual. Being thus, the Nurse has as responsibility to be preserving and valuing these factors. (A valuable related resource: celebrity trainer). The Health department, when identifying the significant number of complaints of the referring users to maltreatment in the hospitals, took the initiative to invite professionals of the area of mental health to elaborate a proposal of work directed to the humanizao of the public hospital services of health (BRAZIL, 2006). These professionals had constituted a Committee Technician who elaborated a National Program of Humanizao of Assistncia Hospitalar (PNHAH) with the objective to promote a change of culture in the attendance of health in Brazil. The PNHAH considers a set of integrated actions that they aim at substantially to change the standard of assistance to the user in the public hospitals of Brazil, improving the quality and the effectiveness of the services today given by these institutions. It is its basic objective to improve the relations between professional of health and user, the professionals between itself, and the hospital with the community (BRAZIL, 2006). When valuing the human, present subjective context in the actions of the assistance to the health, the PNHAH designates for a reorganization of the quality in the public hospitals, with the intention to become them as more modern, dynamic organizations solidary, in conditions to take care of to the perspective of the managers and the community.

Physiotherapist Sylvia Borboni

In accordance with the Physiotherapist Sylvia Borboni, the ideal is that the work is carried through with individual attendance the considered patient. ' ' Exactly that they exist more patient in a room, attention to the person with SD must be strengthened so that has supported to equilbrio' '. METHODOLOGY was made a bibliographical search in articles, books and other periodic ones in the period of June of 2009 the June of 2010, and that it has as boarded subject, the relation of the fisioterapia and the carrier of the syndrome of Down as well as its characteristics and the fruits of this relation that for signal is sufficiently harmonious. Then an analysis of the studies of these works was made all, and of a global form they had been congregated in an only work giving has detached to the main benefits of the fisioterapia for the carrier of the syndrome of Down. CONCLUSION With the basement in the carried through revision of these articles, had been observed the barriers that possess the children with SD, and that the used forms of treatment in these children, added with the familiar inclusion improve in some points the life of these carriers, brightening up its main difficulties, as it was seen in the precocious stimulation, where the system of neural plasticity are seen an improvement, a development, becoming it of total importance for the global development of these children. The practical one of the parents how much to the question of some of the used exercises in the therapy of these children, they can serve of learning thus to be applied in day-by-day of these children, thus making repetitions of an independent form, the appointed exercises. This assistencial form the children, to execute the voluntary and automatic motor movements, serve to stimulate the mechanisms of plasticity of the SNC, that is, capacity of the central nervous system to adapt themselves functionally structural or to the reply to the ambient demands, and to contribute for the learning of that specific function.

River Acre

Beyond of that they present other DST? s, changeable numbers of sexual partners and the use of 15 condom CONCLUSION the finding most significant of the studies was not that the gonorria is an illness that still incidence in women presents low in if comparing with other DST as clamdia6, sfilis and HIV, however the gonorria is a still very preoccupying illness in Brazil, I number since it of women that they not yet declare to make the use of condoms in its sexual relations is sufficiently high, being determinative factor to contract the illness. The biggest prevalences of the gonorreia still meet in the women of 20 – 30 years of age, very significant data, since the young is more propitious practises it sexual and dissemination of the gonorria. The indices had shown the low socioeconmico level, the escolaridade tie 1 degree, as bigger prevalence, being able to be associated the imperfection of the health publishes the devoid places. The high tax of the use of preservative does not show the necessity of educational campaigns on sexual behavior and use of the condom, directed the women with steady partners. However still a lack of tracking of these carrying women of the gonorria exists, who need a fixed accompaniment so that the treatment really has success and effectiveness, so that it has an increase in the control of these DST in the prevention of its dissemination in the society. It enters the possible limitations of this study, can be pontuar the available lack of material and resources, as point negative for the course of the research, harming the demonstrated results, thus being able to present, an exaggeration how much to the presented indices. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1-SILVA. the R.; LOPES, C.M.; MUNIZ, P.T.; Inquiry of the Condom in Messengers of the River Acre: transport, preservation, use and risk of infection for the DSTs.

Cancer and Prognosis

Prognostic The prognostic is very bad. Less than 2% of the individuals with adenocarcinoma they after survive up to five years the diagnosis. The only hope of cure is the surgery, which is carried through when they do not exist metstases of the cancer. The surgeon can carry through the removal only of the pncreas or this agency and of the duodeno. Exactly with the surgery, 10% of the individuals only survive more than five years, independently of the subsequent treatment. (MANUAL-MERCK, 1995). Prevention Some writs of prevention can be adopted, as to prevent the consumption of derivatives of the tobacco and the extreme alcoholic beverage ingestion and to adopt a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.

For submitted individuals the surgeries of ulcer in the stomach or duodeno or that they had suffered removed from the biliary vesicle, accomplishment of clinical examinations sends regards to it regularly, as well as for those with familiar description of cancer. People that they suffer from chronic pancreatite or diabetes melitus they must also make periodic examinations. (INCA). Conclusion The cancer, any that is its etiology, is recognized as a chronic illness that reaches millions of people in the whole world, independent of social classroom, culture or religion. Knowing of that he is carrying of cancer is, in general, terrifying, therefore, although the therapeutical advances allowing an improvement in the tax of supervened and quality of life, remains the stigma of painful, incapacitante, mutiladora and mortal illness. Of this form, she is clear the necessity and the property of interventions that assist the people in the confrontation of the illness and its consequences, aiming at to the whitewashing and the improvement of the quality of life.

Healthcare Marketing

MARKETING IN HEALTH: QUALITY ATTENDANCE the attentions of a professional of the health must be concentrated in equal ratio to the customers and the collaborating employees/. Excellent collaborators, trained well work satisfied e, with this, become more productive. The marketing is of basic importance it health team auxiliary. Small attitudes in the attendance as some ' ' palavrinhas mgicas' ' they must be used for the attendance team so that the patients perceive excellency in the quality of the attendance. They are: ' ' much obrigado' ' ; ' ' me desculpe' ' ; ' ' she leaves with me that I will solve this problema' ' , among others. In excellency in the attendance of customers the words ' ' not posso' ' ; ' ' not of certo' ' ; ' ' not consigo' ' ; ' ' it binds depois' ' ; ' ' minutinho&#039 waits one; ' ; among others, they do not add value to the attendance and they cause one me in such a way the impression to the patient that it leaves to indicate the given service. To speak of a smiling form, exactly that to telephone, likeable being, showing interest in the patient are also an efficient way of if communicating. Research shows that about 93% of our communication it is not verbal, that is, the communication can occur simply with a look, a smile or by means of a gesture.

What we speak exerts little impact on the patient. The team auxiliary must have as main part of its behavior the proactive attitude. Proactive attitude is if to anticipate to the problems and to program solutions for these probable problems. The services given in the area of the health are non-separable of the people give who them. Moreover, the customers with frequency ' ' compram' ' people and them services, therefore are not basic that the professional of the health gives attention to the quality in the attendance.


Distinguishing diagnosis – exantemticas Illnesses febris acute: rubola, exantema, scarlet fever, eritema suddenly infectious, secondary affection, sfilis, enteroviroses and adverse events to the vaccine (BRAZIL, 1997). 4,4 Treatment the treatment is symptomatic, being able to be used antithermal, verbal hidratao, nutricional therapy with incentive to the maternal aleitamento and adequate hygiene of the eyes, superior skin and aerial ways. The bacterial complications of the measles are dealt specifically with antibiotics adjusted for clinical picture e, if possible, with the identification of the bacterial agent. In the populations where the vitamin deficiency It is a recognized problem, the OMS and the Unicef recommend to the use of a high and only dose of vitamin in the people the attacks for the measles and its complications, in the individuals with imunodeficincias, evidence of xeroftalmia, malnutrition and problems of intestinal absorption (BRAZIL, 2001). 4,5 Prevention the vaccine anti-measles is highly efficient being the only source of prevention against this pathology.

4,6 Vaccine the vaccine against the known measles as VASPR or vrica trplice, is part of an association that still includes vaccines against the papeira and rubola. Currently the vaccine against the measles is part of the obligator vaccine calendar, being managed to the fifteen months, with one second dose between the five and six years. The children who already had six years more than when if introduced the current vaccine calendar, must be revacinadas with the VASPR between the eleven and thirteen years as she happened until here. The importance of this vaccine mainly inhabits in the possibility to prevent the eventual complications of the measles, since these are potentially serious and were an important cause of mortality in the children before existing the vaccine. In situations where it has epidemics of measles are advised the vaccination the children from the nine months of age, to prevent the infection. The children smallest, particularly until the six months of age, are protected by the antibodies transmitted for the mother during the pregnancy and the maternal aleitamento, if the mother had measles or was vacinada.

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