Healing Life

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To understand the expression: 'The thought controls the movement of energy, Qi follows the movement of thought' to delve into the knowledge of our body that are not described in classical textbooks of physiology and anatomy. This knowledge can be obtained only by considering the provisions of esotericism. The truth must be noted that modern science has found some evidence these provisions. For us, this material is important in terms of development of techniques of recovery. The principle here about this – If I understand what is at stake, I believe in this process, my confidence and helps me cope with illness. But to understand how my thoughts helps me to heal my body – a problem of today's post. So let's begin. Man is composed of several bodies, one of which is known to all and is his physical body.

In addition to the physical body are more subtle and invisible to the eye and not perceived by other senses of the body. Total man seven bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual (karmic), space (individually), nirvanic (Atmic). In different sources the names of bodies are different, but their essence is one. For a start we need to understand that the body different particle size and the like are inserted into each other. To understand this, imagine a large room filled with dense footballs.

How would you have them not fit – the space between us remains. This space can be filled with tennis balls. But between them will remain a place that can be filled, for example, balls the size of a cherry.