The facades are first in being judged, they are the letter of presentation of any house. But not only it fulfills a presentation roll, the facade it is part and it participates in all the house, she offers new spaces and much light, facilitates accesses, recreates the view, it is nourished of the surrounding vegetation and it protects to us of any climatologic eventuality. It is why the aesthetic decisions of our house must be impregnated from the front. Here we give some advice you so that the decision is simpler, and you can shape the style of your house from the facade. * It observes that type of vegetation exists around your house.

This consideration is important not to violate the effective agreements of construction in the zone where you live or itself you wish conectarte with the environment * Considers the free space between your house and the street. Much people need ample spaces to construct a garage or to have its own garden * the climate is due to mainly consider in zones where strong winds and possibility of tornados or hurricanes exist, which will condition range of materials to choose * Light: It considers if the facade of your house must be the main source of natural light of the house. It decides by amount and size of windows based on whichever light you are going to need * the most traditional styles usually they respond to an image of ideal house. But also it is possible to extract its characteristics fundamental and to take them to a design done in accordance with each * Details of color, textures combined or the incorporation of materials as the wood and the stone are elements that can be contemplated to create an interest note Photos Facades of BlogRoll Houses? Facade of modern Asian House with I touch of Nordic luxury?

Kassewitz Hospital

Since he left iPad the medical community was very interested in it and the iPad applications that could be useful to this discipline, especially for surgeons. Rand Paul is likely to increase your knowledge. It is believed that it could be used in numerous tasks within a hospital and almost all specialties, as well as the Administration and management of the hospital benefit. And we have news that have already begun to make use of the same. We know that the University hospital of Kobe in Japan has used it successfully in a surgical procedure. Thank you iPad applications surgeons could see at the same time they operated on the intervention and on other similar operations, images what served them guide and helpful for the intervention. As the operation was a success it is possible use the device in other operating theatres. In the long term there will be no surgery room that does not have an iPad, because the price of the device and iPad applications, if compared with other appliances for hospital use, what cost is very affordable.

In addition If hospitals make sure large orders that will get good discounts. There are other ways to use the iPad applications and it is to try to communicate with dolphins. Jack Kassewitz has begun to use the device to devise a language with which to communicate with these animals. Because the problem we have with the dolphins is that despite being very smart, not us we can communicate with them, because they don’t speak. According to Jack, believes that once the dolphins become accustomed an iPad application and its touch screen, you can choose between great variety of symbols that represent actions, objects, and why not, emotions. For to do so is essential to the waterproofing of the device, a processor with a good speed, anti-glare screens, tactile sensitivity and iPad applications tailored for the dolphins.

Man Illnesses

If it will be around, neutral water; of 6 for low acid and 8 for basic top. a river that is not considered healthful it does not present these characteristics for some reasons, being in its majority caused by the man. But the pollution that we enxergamos is that one caused by the sewer of the houses, that launches in the rivers the food remaining portion and a type of bacterium that of them if it feeds: they are the calls aerbicas bacteria, them they consume oxygen and they destroy the life aquatic and moreover they can cause health problems will have been ingested. This water starts to be considers contaminated water that is that one that transmits illnesses, therefore beyond containing microorganisms, remaining portions of animals, larvae and eggs of worms, this water is not potable, then it does not have to be used. The water poluda is different of the contaminated water, therefore this is that one that has smells fort, well dark color, that modified its natural characteristics, that is, left of being pure and healthful for the beings livings creature.

The substances that if they mix in the water are called pollutant agents who very make badly to the beings livings creature. Poluda with contaminated water is very common the people to confuse water, and a river can have its contaminated waters and poludas at the same time. The contaminated water or poluda is harmful to the health, because this water can contain pathogenic organisms or chemical substances capable to cause illnesses to the man being these called illnesses of hdrica propagation, and to use has it that to submit it procesos of very expensive purificao. 2.2 Which are the pollution forms the water suffer to contamination for the calls sources from contamination, the supplying water pass for a rigorous treatment e, only later, are distributed for the residences, where linkings exist domiciliary.


Since then, nothing they had more known. Eva, the third son, liveed in the Europe, where it are to study right, intending to become a great lawyer. Carolina, the youngest child, was single mother and its son if it called Gregorio Rodrigo. For all, it said that the father of the child was carrying of serious illness without cure and had died before the boy being born. Gabriel, according to son, was person very mysterious, of little colloquy always it caused great curiosity in all the familiar ones. Almost nothing if wise person of the life of the young, so little that was part of a mysterious seita where, all the thursday, were congregated with a group of people in a small farm in the immediacy of the dam of Piracaia, where they passed the night in left-hand side rituals. It was a thursday, frozen night, dreadfully and quiet, the calendars marked 25 of June of 1987 to that date. Carolina was to the cemetary in the deep ones of the mansion and was to observe an enormous rock, that swore to have the impression not to be there long ago, to the side of an empty tomb.

Without understanding well what it felt, it gave solution to the strong anguish that took it the chest and there it cried very. Gabriel left house in that instant, observed the sister in the cemetary looking at intrigued the rock and followed route to the dam to find the friends. In the following day, the friday ran normal as all the others, without great noises and movements. During the night, however, when erasing of the lights, one heard a sharp and reverberant howl of wolf. Ladies who in the immediacy of the mansion passed made signal de a Cruz grasped its teros, skeptics of what they judged to be an shout macabro come of the deepenings of the hell, while they fondled its scared rebentos to grasp the bar of its vestments.

State Illnesses

In the ritual of the Haouka, each individual suppresses what it is for living ' ' another side of questo' ' where if they find. It is difficult to understand the complexity of the ritual: the individuals are confused on the moment that live mainly and because they try to keep the tradition, but without leaving of side the current context. It is interesting as the integrant ones and used objects represent social structures, representation this that seems to be an attempt to give inteligibilidade to the settling process for which they pass. He is not toa that they search to reproduce diverse symbols of the settling, what is proven with the exhibition of the scenes of the ceremony of opening of the State legislature. The cloths representing the flag, ' ' palace of governador' ' , the incorporation of people of positions of the governmental apparatus, status in the society or exactly diligent as they themselves that are incorporating for example ' ' driver of caminho' ' -, the egg in the head of the statue representing the hat used for the governors, everything following the same ' ' protocolo' ' of the colonizadores. It has many insults and even though physical violence, what perhaps also it represents ' ' society ocidental' '. Another interesting symbol of being observed is the dog eaten for them as demonstration of force: at least in the ritual they could demonstrate that they were stronger than any another man, were white, were black.

The use of rituals as reflected of the society is not exclusiveness of the Haouka and to solve questions social. For the Ndembu, studied for Victor Turner in ' ' Forest of smbolos' ' , the illnesses must be understood in a picture of references that is public or social. The illnesses are punitive actions of the shades for, among others reasons, problems in the interpersonal relations.

Chronic Illnesses

Schraiber et al (2010, p.964) portraies ' ' demands of the men these are sufficient specific: pains, fevers or bruises and wounds. Some interviewed relate illnesses chronic as hipertenso arterial and diabetes.' ' In the same study one standes out the attendance of the health services and its professionals, described to follow: The services reveal similar in its functioning: they are centered in the individual consultations, valuing the medical assistance; the consultations are fast and the professionals more are worried in offering to one ready reply, reducing the most possible its reasoning; the behaviors already known and centered in the therapeutical one take decisions directed of patologias; many encaminhamentos occur, much order of examinations and almost always it has an indication of remedies. After all, medicines allies the laboratoriais examinations, would be, in the opinion of them, the behavior also waited for the users, satisfying to all. Senator From Kentucky is a great source of information. (Schraiber et al, 2010 p.964). We can observe ahead of the displayed one that most of the professionals centers its behaviors and little they value the prevention and the promotion of the special health and in the consultations to the men directly is related the complaints and patologias. To the eyes of the O.M.S. More info: Kenneth R. Feinberg. to work with prevention is basic and more still when it is about illnesses caused for the life style, that is determinative factor in the cases of morbimortalidade between men. 2,4 National politics of integral Attention the health of the man. Throughout last the cinquenta years had been observed consequentemente significant changes in the field of the health and attendance the specific for presenting determined characteristic such as the women, children and even though the aged ones groups, and in this context the man remained forgotten with respect to one politics health come back to the masculine group, is fact that had been carried through some campaigns come back to this population as alcoholism and prevention of D.S.T.? s, but these actions had not guaranteed one politics publish specific the men. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rand Paul.


Facts occurred with people who had contracted hansenase in different decades in the State of Par. Therefore, many isolated ones in always distant Public institutions of the city and are of measured the social and familiar scope that was justified for the inefficacy of the cure of the illness. For much time these people had remained themselves segregated. Center for Environmental Health will not settle for partial explanations. However a new politics was idealized to reintegrate them the social one again taking the extinguishing of these spaces and conditions so that the former-patients of the illness returned its lives. However part of them lost bow with the society and contacts with its familiar ones hindering its return to the same one, even though had to the mutilations deriving of the illness that them estigmatizava its situation still more, having as consequence it remained of great part in the old spaces, exactly not needing to live in them, that it must be analyzed by different reasons and interests. Words Keys: memory, segregation, permanence, illness..

The Illnesses

Water the society as a whole, and in it the educators has u basic paper, needs to be conscientious of the immediate and future problems that the pollution of the water cause and will go to cause. Moreover, she is necessary that let us worry in them about the wastefulness of the water, its improper use, that tends to reduce its availability. ‘ ‘ It considers that Brazil withholds between 12% and 15% of water candy of the planet and that about 80% of this reserve this intent one in the Amazonian basin. one will detail important: 20% remains are distributed by the remaining portion of the country, having taken care of 95% of the population. is exactly in these regions that we have the biggest problems how much to the pollution and the use of gua’ ‘. (KHOL, 1995, P.

65). 5. Pollution the contamination of the water can happen for causes of the lack of basic sanitation in cities (ousting of sewer directly in the rivers and courses d water), for discarded liquid material for industries (Called effluent) discarding of garbage in the used water, agrotxicos in agriculture among others material. The pollution has a direct action on the people who have contact with the water poluda, causing illnesses, as clera, tifo and hepatitis, without counting leptospirose, gastrointestinal disturbances, infections in the eyes, ears, throat and nose. This action also can occur because of the contamination of the fish that serve of food the populations that live to the edges of the rivers and seas. But the pollution of waters does not exert only direct actions on the human beings.

The pollution cause many other indirect, so serious damages how much to the illnesses. The ground is an element that can harm the water very, when carreado for the water courses. Because of agricultural and cattle activities, especially during the plantation of cultures, it sounds made mechanized operations that include arao, gradagem and others, that disaggregate the ground, leaving it without vegetal covering, and reducing its infiltration capacity of water.