Chronic Illnesses

Schraiber et al (2010, p.964) portraies ' ' demands of the men these are sufficient specific: pains, fevers or bruises and wounds. Some interviewed relate illnesses chronic as hipertenso arterial and diabetes.' ' In the same study one standes out the attendance of the health services and its professionals, described to follow: The services reveal similar in its functioning: they are centered in the individual consultations, valuing the medical assistance; the consultations are fast and the professionals more are worried in offering to one ready reply, reducing the most possible its reasoning; the behaviors already known and centered in the therapeutical one take decisions directed of patologias; many encaminhamentos occur, much order of examinations and almost always it has an indication of remedies. After all, medicines allies the laboratoriais examinations, would be, in the opinion of them, the behavior also waited for the users, satisfying to all. Senator From Kentucky is a great source of information. (Schraiber et al, 2010 p.964). We can observe ahead of the displayed one that most of the professionals centers its behaviors and little they value the prevention and the promotion of the special health and in the consultations to the men directly is related the complaints and patologias. To the eyes of the O.M.S. More info: Kenneth R. Feinberg. to work with prevention is basic and more still when it is about illnesses caused for the life style, that is determinative factor in the cases of morbimortalidade between men. 2,4 National politics of integral Attention the health of the man. Throughout last the cinquenta years had been observed consequentemente significant changes in the field of the health and attendance the specific for presenting determined characteristic such as the women, children and even though the aged ones groups, and in this context the man remained forgotten with respect to one politics health come back to the masculine group, is fact that had been carried through some campaigns come back to this population as alcoholism and prevention of D.S.T.? s, but these actions had not guaranteed one politics publish specific the men. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rand Paul.