Sandra Ritthaler

In December 2009 I took then the full plunge into the world of work in the fitness industry and a part-time job at a large gym. My personal training will continue in parallel, which allows me the social basic insurance and lots of practice. For the optimal care of their customers, Sandra Ritthaler relies on continuous training, for example in the form of literature and the common reflecting the read in trade talks with physiotherapists, sports scientists and doctors from their circle of friends and acquaintances. Other leaders such as Center for Environmental Health offer similar insights. The training at the Academy of the BSA was recommended to me about friendly coach. I’ve decided for the fitness specialist. The qualification allows me to a wide range of opportunities for the future in the field of fitness, and is comparable with a master’s degree in the craft, so to speak. If I complete the Chamber of Commerce exam I still don’t know exactly, because I would like to work directly with customers and one managerial or Administrations me for insufficient time would allow for the moment.

Most and with the people the most important in my work is the feedback from my customers and direct working. “” So it’s primarily to the expertise mediated in the BSA specialist economic course and only in the second, possible step to the Chamber of Commerce exam in addition possible. “flexible learning when and where I want” as an academic, I am used to work independently and to tell me my learning time, even it. The way of working at the BSA course comes quite close for me studying at a University. You can prepare in the distance, the presence phases are optimal to repeat and in-depth study of the course material and questions to clarify them.

For me, perfectly compatible with my professional commitments. In addition. the high level of mediated content and the strong practical relevance” Additional qualification has Sandra Ritthaler for performance-oriented training on the fitness specialist with other BSA licenses on their daily work with different “Customer groups prepared: I am in addition for the qualification to the performance sport body trainer” chosen because I take care of performance athletes and my existing knowledge wanted to expand, deepen and secure foundations.


After 21 days you certainly already know whether FatBurningFurnace is right for you. If it doesn’t fit, you can do it give back. Background information on the program: the author of Rob Poulus had even 20 kg overweight, until he decided to change this state of affairs. He has developed a program for himself, that he helped to permanently remove. He has implemented exactly this program that he has developed since then, in a diet and fitness plan, which can be installed relatively easily in everyday life. Main focus of the program is losing weight, important monitoring targets are a moderate muscle and increase health.

The basic idea of FatBurningFurnace due to the fact that permanent weight loss is not achieved by reducing the calories, but mainly through an increase in resting metabolic rate. This is the metabolism of the body in the Ruhezustamd. This in combination with a good workable diet plan. You can reach 30 minutes you 2 to 3 x at home or at the Fitness – Studio can perform in the week, short training sessions of 15 a high combustion effect. Perhaps check out Center for Environmental Health for more information. You completed the training sessions by a coordinated Diet plan. The program consists of two parts. To the one the 150-page E-book (PDF file for viewing on the computer), that a toolkit of several programs that help you with your individual planning and performance review the individual training phase explained and detail to the second. Moreover, the very important individual email – coaching. More information about the FatBurningFurnace and on the subject of effective fat burning can be found on our Web page: good luck with weight loss, H.

Personal Trainer

Option two is to look for a qualified boxing trainer as a personal trainer. So I am flexible on dates and a training on exactly that me is tuned on my fitness level and health status. At the same time, the beginner learns the proper Box technology, from the beat up to the dive. The boxes with over 40 still sense Henry Maske has shown in March 2007. The trained Henry Maske has gone after a long break at the age of 43 on 12 hard rounds.

He has shown special counter boxes, thereby wins the rematch fight against Virgil Hill before 16 million TV viewers. Remarkably in his fitness level and his performance before the even active young professional boxers showed respect. Why should so not even a fitness benefit athletes from the boxing training. The sports University in Cologne confirmed following above-average result boxing comparison measurements with other sports. Optimal total body workout by loading all the muscles.

Improves coordination, endurance and concentration. Improve motor skills: strength, speed, agility and endurance. Good cardio workout (alternating tension and relaxation). Good fat burning (interval and endurance training such as punching bags) per hour around 900 calories. Low risk of injury during a boxing workout (his only in the) Sparring and competition). We and once the individual elements of a box training watch. Skipping calls for endurance and strength. 10 minutes jogging or 45 minutes cycling corresponds to approximately 30 minutes. Shadow boxing is primarily intended as a warm-up and technique training. 10 minutes are so strenuous that burn the shoulders and the condition is required. 3-minute rounds on the bag with punch combinations. Even an Arthur Abraham winces at this point in the training. 10 x 3 is the formula for once hell and back. The whole body is in motion, arms ache, whistles the lung and thinking is even announced. Paw training, a trainer has XXL gloves with a flat inside. The Boxer strikes combinations then after announcement by the trainer out. Actually dealing here purely technique and coordination. Nevertheless, the lung whistles here. Finally still an abdominal workout by 15 minutes and again 50 pushups and little boxing is to end. Get, just take a boxing trainer pleasure, offering personal training. out Frankfurt has developed even its own box-training program with the coaching legend in the sport of boxing Horst Gauss. Entrants to sports and fitness athletes have to make the opportunity for a personal trainer, classic boxing as a workout without health problems. Problem exercises for the back are filtered and be set to red. Just green and yellow exercises are in the first months of the program. Yellow exercises being only after joint consultation and individual testing with the concerned athletes in the program. What is good for the champion Henry Maske can be good for you too.


Meanwhile every fourth company info options over future Bachelor and master study opportunities already, the academics is one of his employees, also Bachelor often on similar positions such as master and diploma graduates. This is a joint study of higher education information system GmbH, the stifterverband fur die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Koln. Two-thirds of the companies at the starting salary making no distinction between the different accounts. For the career of count the probation in the practice, not the title. The students are generally as satisfied with their studies as the graduate-level.

However, even a master’s degree after depends on more than half. Who would like to learn prevention, fitness and health Bachelor and master study opportunities in the market of the future, you will find on the homepage of the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) nationwide events to Study fairs and information events, where the nationally recognized College is represented. Studied at the German University of prevention and health management qualify students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness, and health. “The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close after three years with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from. Moreover, two masters in the fields of study are offered a lot of prevention and health management, connect a correspondence course with attendance phases. While postgraduate studies for the master in health management is a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and 1 year requires experience, can the master in prevention and health management”directly in the Connection to a Bachelor / diploma studies are completed. In addition, there are six College continuing education involving professionals in selected subject areas can acquire knowledge at university level.

Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, an application to the master’s degree is possible to the summer / winter semester.


How can I lose weight fast – 6 simple tricks in this article you will find basic tips that will make easier the healthy weight loss you. These simple pieces of advice have become a part of my life. And a very good basis for each fitness and weight loss program. Fill your cabinets with little and healthy food, perhaps the most important and at the same time the simplest rule. Keep relatively empty your refrigerator and your kitchen cabinets.

And what you put into it, should be particularly healthy. Much easier to do without something sweet that makes it. Other leaders such as Cindy Crawford offer similar insights. Because the appetite for chocolate will likely come. If you have then no chocolate, but a yogurt or a banana, then’s the decision taken. Several smaller portions to best you put to your eating plan on 5-6 meals a day.

Thus, you increase your body’s metabolism and burn the energy that you zufuhrst you, much faster. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cindy Crawford is the place to go. At the same time, you reduce the risk with a meal too much to eat.The idea would be three main meals and 2 snack meals. Sports As a general rule. Prefer shorter, more intensive units, as long, little intensive units. With a half-hour, more intensive unit, you will burn more calories than if you spend two hours on the treadmill, but hardly in sweat get. This is due to the subsequent burning effect that occurs after a more intensive sports session. Of course applies: If you start with the sport, you should perform a check at the doctor always at the beginning, so you know what you can expect you. Start slowly and increase you from week to week. You can find more information about a very successful method to permanently remove this video negative calories Yes, it is the negative calorie foods. There are foods where the body consumes more energy in the processing of food that is fed to him by the ingestion of food. Apples are a good example. That taste good almost anyone, who are healthy and which are among the foods with negative calorie balance. Other examples include spinach, broccoli, Grapefruit and carrot. Whether these negative calorie balance really is still scientifically controversial, but that these foods have very little calories and the body needs energy to process them, no one denies. If you eat small plates or bowls, you eat less automatically serving size. A very simple, but very effective trick to eat less. Once in the week that eating what you otherwise permit you also hear that alive. Time to eat what tastes may, but is not necessarily good for the body. If this is not important for you, then stay on the strict path. But it’s sometimes nice to eat a piece of cake. And if you eat otherwise healthy and you press athletic, then there is no reason not to eat a piece of cake or pizza. I could give many more tips. Much of what you read probably already elsewhere. But I leave it for the first time at this advice. If you follow them, you’ve made a very good base and nothing on the world will hold your body to respond positively.

Stress In The Womb Influences

Alert the numbers: every third German suffers from a mental or psychosomatic illness. Cause is often a dysfunctional processing of stress. The resistance to stress is genetic and is characterized in the womb and early childhood. As a result, people have different load capacity. Many people have the sense to push their limits.

However, some people can get around very well with stress, they respond to calm and balanced, while others are quickly overwhelmed. The reasons for these differences are explored further. Fetal programming maternal stress and its effects on the unborn child being increasingly studied for several years. Results demonstrate a coinage of assessment for susceptibility to stress and the onset of disease in the mother’s womb. “The US physiologist Peter Nathanielsz says: life in the womb is the origins of health and disease.” The development conditions are even more convenient, the mother is satisfied and well balanced. Each Fourth pregnant, so studies that show it suffers from stress. When not doing the mother during pregnancy and she reacted in response with the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, as these substances affect the organism of the unborn. Deficits in the brain, and an increased susceptibility to stress and diseases arise as a result.

Loads in the 12 25 pregnant schaftswoche (means of alleviating Kamp, 2008) is considered to be particularly formative. The University of Konstanz determined in a study with 75,000 mothers and their children in the first 10 years of life, that has a low level of stress can negatively affect the health of the unborn. The maternal stress may be familiar or due to work or illness. Personal factors such as anxiety, partner issues, in particular in connection with violence, the death of a child or of the partner is considered to be particularly severe. Babies perceive stimuli unborn babies can feel already fear and joy.

The General

Diagnostic ultrasound criteria was the display of an image of bright two or three parallel lines arranged in successive segments, circling the fetal10 neck. Used ultrasound equipment brand Medison Sonoet, model 5000, 3.5 MHz, with biconvex transducer electronic and thermal paper printer camera brand Sony. The standard of comparison was direct viewing of the presence or absence of circular cord during vaginal delivery or cesarean section. Statistical analysis to evaluate discordance between the use and the gold standard was the test of McNemar square Xi. Center for Environmental Health understood the implications. For the evaluation of the association between circular cord and scores of Apgar score at birth, exact test of Fisher, as well as to evaluate the association with pregnancy resolution via are used. For the evaluation of the diagnostic test was carried out calculations of sensitivity and specificity, with their confidence intervals of 95%, in addition to the positive and negative predictive values, as well as test accuracy and likelihood ratio. A P value of equal to or less than 0.05 was considered significant.

RESULTS General characteristics of the 57 patients studied were the following: the average age of the patients was 25.5 years, 36.8% of patients was primigesta (n = 21), 17.5% secundigesta (n = 10), 46.6% had three or more pregnancies (n = 26). All patients were enrolled at term, in effective labor and uncomplicated, placenta Placentae, membranes intact. The resolution of the birth was vaginal in 80% of patients (n = 47) and by caesarean section in 20% (n = 10). The cesarean section indication was fetal distress acute in 50% of cases (n = 5), cephalopelvic disproportion in 30% (n = 3), and the remaining 20%, one was by prolonged second stage and another by dystocia of contraction. Of the babies born by vaginal delivery, 7 had circular lace, and of those born by caesarean section, 10 had circular cord. The analysis with Fisher’s exact test showed a statistically significant association between circular cord and cesarean section (p = 0, 000468). The General characteristics of the RN were 3,350 more or less 0,245 kg weight, 63 male and 51 female. The proportion of RN with Apgar score > 8 was 91.

Flamengo Water

It woke up without the aid of the alarm-clock. It was the first time in countless years that a monday clock started without the strident alarm of the radio. Still lying, it smiled for the ceiling with the idea of that it and the scandalous device retired the same in day. One turned over side and it assumed a fetal position hugging it the old pillow of the wife. Of this angle the vacant place of the friend seemed a vast plain. After the line of the horizon, it glimpsed the door-pictures with the photos of the distant children. It perceived that, if it was more two seconds in this position, would start to feel penalty of itself exactly.

It came back to be of coasts in the mattress and, in an only impulse, it turned the feet for it are of the bed and was seated. It paved the new rubber slippers in leaf: auto-gift to commemorate the new phase of the life. They were not Hawaiian the one that was accustomed, but well were seemed and cheaper. Now it needed to adjust the budget to the scarce retirement. (A valuable related resource: Center for Environmental Health). As it had slept of bermuda shorts, it was arisen and it dressed only the shirt. It only buttoned it until the height of umbigo it together placed in the pocket the card of beneficiary of the INSS with the light and water accounts. In the pockets of the bermuda shorts it put the Flamengo comb and a handkerchief. Cafezinho passed one without-shame to help to swallow three big cookies cream to cracker.

Cooked al tooth half pasta package chumbinho, mixed half mimoso package of fub and kept everything in an old pot of empty margarina? isca for lambaris was best that knew. It placed canary seed and it changed the water of the birds. It was to the small room and it caught varinha of bamboo and a small stock market with tralhas of would fish.


The presence of the soul that allows the whole, of the cell, which was formed from maternal and paternal halves have boundless bliss from the process of formation of a new, very special (Having only spiritual resemblance to other material other than fertilized human eggs, are formed if it is at this very moment, perhaps in other parts of the world), the only individuals under the achromatic specific person. This new cell, the bliss is in for a very long period, if we measure this period of her views. During this period (apparent even from the standpoint of our bodily existence moment) parents can not provide any solid influence on the nascent life. Although parents and are able to exert considerable bodily and his mother still and a slight spiritual influence in the period before conception, but this More details in the next chapter. But at the moment of conception, they can not deliberately influence even on the child's sex. The very same cell also does not affect the processes occurring in it. In this cage categorically do not want to interrupt a voluptuous and the creative process, merger and begin the complex, responsible, inconceivably long intrauterine period of construction of the human fetus. But Nature steadfastly enforces subsequent division of primary human cells, turning his life into a state of the second phase.

A man in a state of conception there is no past, and not given to look into the next phase of its life. In this light, with the achromatic products of conception, about finding a Man is in this moment the soul, you may be understandable, be accepted as correct and fair, the decision of many world religions forbid abortion. The second stage, as you already understood, is the period of fetal life. This period has significant implications not only for the solid state after birth, but is making some adjustments and the spiritual qualities of the man. At this stage it is very significant impact on his future stay at other times has a mother and traced a small, but nevertheless the impact of those that surround the mother. The very same fetus changes only on the program given by Nature, slightly corrected the influence of those that I mentioned above.

Personal contribution to what is happening is the fruit of man at this stage does not perform. In utero man very comfortable in warm, protected by the mother's immune system, under its physical protection. Born in an unknown world beyond the fetal habits and condition, scary, difficult and painful. But the nature inevitably leads man to go to his third stage of life. During his the second stage of life, a person already has their bodily and spiritual past, but still not able to either look at yourself in the last stage, nor into the future. The continuation of this short article can be found in my file vault on Adre: Article called 'achromatism of prednaznacheii Man'

Circular Cord During Labor

OBJECTIVE: Comparing the diagnostic capacity of the abdominal ultrasound in detection of circular cord. Design: Analytical clinical study. MATERIAL and methods: We studied 57 patients with pregnancy at term and in labor. Prior to his hospitalization, to each patient abdominal obstetric ultrasonography (use), was conducted him to identify the presence or absence of lace circular, which was compared to the findings at the time of childbirth or caesarean section (gold standard). RESULTS: The prevalence of circular cord in full-term pregnancies diagnosed by use was 21.1%. Test sensitivity was 80% (CI 95%, 72.7 to 87.3), 96% (CI 95%, 92.9 to 99.1) specificity and positive and negative predictive values were 87% and 94%, respectively. The accuracy of the test was 92%. The square Xi of McNemar for analysis of the discrepancies between the two tests was not significant (p = 0, 7236).

The reasons for likelihood for positive and negative results were 20 and 0.20, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: The study ultrasound during labor for the diagnosis of circular of lace is highly specific (96%), which allows you to be used as a screening test to identify high risk with lace circular pregnancies. Key words. Ultrasound; Umbilical cord; Circular cord. SUMMARY objective: To compare the diagnostic ability of abdominal ultrasounito detect fetal nuchal cord.

DESIGN: Clinical analytical study. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Fifty-seven term pregnant patients in work had abdominal ultrasound (US) on admission in order to identify fetal nuchal cord and compare such finding with outcome at delivery or cesarean-section (gold standard). RESULTADOS: Nuchal cord prevalence diagnosed by ultrasound was 21.1%, with 80% sensitivity (95% CI 72.7 to 87.3), 96% specificity (95% CI 92.9 to 99.1), and positive and negative predictive values of 87% and 94%, respectively. Test accuracy was 92%. McNemar discordance analysis between obstetric US s and gold standard was not significant (p = 0, 7236) and the likelihood ratios for positive and negative results were at 20 and 0.20, respectively.

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