Personal Trainer

Option two is to look for a qualified boxing trainer as a personal trainer. So I am flexible on dates and a training on exactly that me is tuned on my fitness level and health status. At the same time, the beginner learns the proper Box technology, from the beat up to the dive. The boxes with over 40 still sense Henry Maske has shown in March 2007. The trained Henry Maske has gone after a long break at the age of 43 on 12 hard rounds.

He has shown special counter boxes, thereby wins the rematch fight against Virgil Hill before 16 million TV viewers. Remarkably in his fitness level and his performance before the even active young professional boxers showed respect. Why should so not even a fitness benefit athletes from the boxing training. The sports University in Cologne confirmed following above-average result boxing comparison measurements with other sports. Optimal total body workout by loading all the muscles.

Improves coordination, endurance and concentration. Improve motor skills: strength, speed, agility and endurance. Good cardio workout (alternating tension and relaxation). Good fat burning (interval and endurance training such as punching bags) per hour around 900 calories. Low risk of injury during a boxing workout (his only in the) Sparring and competition). We and once the individual elements of a box training watch. Skipping calls for endurance and strength. 10 minutes jogging or 45 minutes cycling corresponds to approximately 30 minutes. Shadow boxing is primarily intended as a warm-up and technique training. 10 minutes are so strenuous that burn the shoulders and the condition is required. 3-minute rounds on the bag with punch combinations. Even an Arthur Abraham winces at this point in the training. 10 x 3 is the formula for once hell and back. The whole body is in motion, arms ache, whistles the lung and thinking is even announced. Paw training, a trainer has XXL gloves with a flat inside. The Boxer strikes combinations then after announcement by the trainer out. Actually dealing here purely technique and coordination. Nevertheless, the lung whistles here. Finally still an abdominal workout by 15 minutes and again 50 pushups and little boxing is to end. Get, just take a boxing trainer pleasure, offering personal training. out Frankfurt has developed even its own box-training program with the coaching legend in the sport of boxing Horst Gauss. Entrants to sports and fitness athletes have to make the opportunity for a personal trainer, classic boxing as a workout without health problems. Problem exercises for the back are filtered and be set to red. Just green and yellow exercises are in the first months of the program. Yellow exercises being only after joint consultation and individual testing with the concerned athletes in the program. What is good for the champion Henry Maske can be good for you too.