The State

It remembers that once you identify your objective, YOU MUST ESFORZARTE FOR BEING EL/LA I NUMBER ONE in that, because you must shine and emphasize. IT AVOIDS TO BE SPECIALISTIC IN EVERYTHING: Not to know clearly that we want in the life he takes to us to that we jump from a plan to another one, great error because he causes to exhaustion and mediocre results, you cannot aspire to being a great singer, a great magician, great educational, etc, the human being has energies and limited time reason why if no precise that you want to have in the life it will entail to that you never finish nothing in particular. YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: In order to know to where you can arrive you must know clearly that you can do. Perhaps your dream is to be a great singer but you do not have that ability you cannot proyectarte of that form. You must look for to know clearly to where you want to arrive, is not possible to be done everything no matter how hard it is wanted, concntrate in concrete aspects. There are a small diagnosis FODA (STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, THREATS AND WEAKNESSES) at personal level so that you can reflect whereupon you arrange to its overcoming. BASATE IN THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS: It looks for a model, it takes advantage of the experience other people, looks for advice.

There is much way that others people have crossed and therefore, they can serve to us to fortify to us like people, you do not fail to take advantage of it. Without hesitation Cindy Crawford explained all about the problem. PONTE I PUT: In order to reach your final mission you must put goals concrete, with terms of time. For example, if you want to improve your CB and you want to study English, she shapes the goal in a notebook or file of your computer and there are pursuit, I know methodical. IT TAKES CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: Without health there is nothing. It is not enough that you know clearly goals if for it you sacrifice your health and you cannot render the maximum of your capacity. Hazte an annual control where you can see the state of your health. THERE ARE EXERCISE: Hill often but is the best healthy form of mantenerte and in your ideal weight.

IT TAKES CARE OF YOUR APPEARANCE: I always say it, arreglarte, to be clean and ordered it will raise much your self-esteem, if you you are not wanted, it will do who it? , you do not look for first that amen or want to you, hazlo your first and that will be seen the rest. WEAPON NETWORKS: The best thing to be able superart and to reach your objectives is to have social networks favor that it, deals with integrarte to groups where you can participate actively and you meet who can give one you manito you need when it. IT SHINES, IT SHINES, IT SHINES: Once you have analyzed in which you are good, in that you emphasize, hazte the firm promise for emphasizing in all the places where you go, I know specialistic, promocinate, you have your page Web, your forum, space, etc These are some ideas, I hope that you have liked. Original author and source of the article.

Skin Tips

How to treat a sensible skin? In order to begin it tries to use hipoalergnicos products, you always test of the cotton: it wets a cotton with a small amount of the product that you go to aplicarte, it rubs in the wrist and it observes if your skin reacts with some type of bud, if is not thus you can aplicarte produto, that is to adjust to the canons of the type of skin which you have and that we have explained in the previous points. SOME ADVICE PRACTICAL TO TAKE CARE OF the SKIN WITH ALOE SIDE Sometimes are not enough with applying the suitable product, in addition it is necessary to do it of the correct form. Whenever you use a cream for the face remembers that it is important to have the clean good skin, that you will obtain lavndote to it with neutral soap before the application; so that the result is optimal I recommend you that you at least once use per week a exfoliation gel and that you are applied to a mask a pair of times to the month, with that you will obtain that your pores are well open and ready to receive and to absorb with facility. Also it is important that masajees smoothly and in circles the zone where you are going away to apply the cream, besides the open pores is advisable that the capillaries activate and receive the volume of nutrients. Last factor to consider before to apply cream is to use product that favors penetration of cosmetic for his maximum advantage, for it nothing good than aloe, that besides aportarte nutrients will enormously improve the penetration of all the components of the cream which you use, that must to its high content in lignin, a compound that accelerates and favors the absorption. In addition, the aloe you will be able to apply it in all the types of skins as I explain to you next: If you have the dry skin mixes a gel of aloe with olive oil, avocado or sweet almonds and you will have excellent a nutritious one.

If you have the greasy skin only uses the gel, perhaps it is astringent and it reduces the excess of fat, you notice a certain tenseness at the outset, if the gel bothers aplcate to you after the shower, with the still humid face, thus you will secure a perfect hydration without lubricating the face. If you have the normal skin or mixed you can use the gel of aloe without mixing, aplcalo until its total absorption. Also you can use the gel of aloe with retinol to give firmness to the skin, masajea in a single direction moments and will see that the result is visible, the aloe it foments the colgeno production and it has a exfoliation effect reason why also it fights the spots and the wrinkles, he is authentic multipurpose ones. Besides taking care of your skin, also you can use the aloe to cure it. It uses gel 95% small marks of acne, scars, spots of the face, or any other imperfection of the skin, also you can use it like gomina after the shower, it will fortify your hair and it will maintain it healthy and tuna. Constant, it uses your cosmetics in combination with the aloe and you will notice the results.

Skin Remedies

Like with the atpico eczema, maintaining the skin hydrated aid to the prevention of a bud. The herbal products, unlike the remedies that contain drugs, can often be used throughout the day without no adverse effect. The seborreico infantile eczema usually is very common in the smaller children of a year of age. The reason of this condition, it is not understood completely. Whereas the condition is not considered serious, can be dealt with herbal natural remedies and lasts generally some months. More information is housed here: celebrity trainer. The seborreico adult eczema can be more serious than the infantile version.

It can be found in the hairy leather and can be watered to the face, ears, neck and to the chest. The skin becomes inflamed, blushes and can form grudges. Using natural remedies formulated to fight the eczema, the skin can be hydrated whereas its protection against infections must offer a fast lightening for this type of eczema. Varicose eczema is a condition found in the low part of the leg. People of age median or in its last years more likely can find this eczema. The poor circulation is suspected.

The ankles are often but affected and if the skin is left without trying, the ulcers they can appear. The typical treatment is an emollient, especially one that can improve the general health of the skin. The discoide eczema is often a condition of the adult. It appears like a small reddish circle on the skin and more often is in the trunk or the low part of the legs and can enter eruption. The emollient is a general treatment, but it is due to take well-taken care of so that the skin does not become infected. Herbal cash exist natural remedies to fight the eczema that with regular use will help of diverse ways. * To reduce to the reddening and the dry skin * To alleviate to the malaise and comezon * To prevent the infection * To reduce to the scar marks Some ingredients natural 100% that have tried to be effective in formulations to alleviate the eczema they are the oil of vitamin and, oil of mint, aloe and chamomille.

Teaching Profession

Teaching is the unique profession that creates to all the other professions. Unknown author Is incomprehensible, like a government who has been identified totally with the vindication of the rights of the workers, guaranteeing social justice, right fairness, wages according to the economic reality of the present, not him of the importance to protect a treatment just, an agreed wage a the quality of life that at the moment Venezuela it demands, especially to the professors and of a very specific way which it concerns to us like the college student. Hill to understand like management the income that the country with the commercialization of the petroleum perceives that is a bonanza and as the budgets are administered, among them the one of education, that does not satisfy for anything the operativity of the public universities, mainly the payment, wage of teaching staff. It costs to us to accept, that the politician reigns on the cultural thing, the educative thing, the health, house and cases occur where the present government gives more aid and gives million dollars to other countries instead of to just distribute equitably to the income providing the wage to that it has right the educational college student. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Center for Environmental Health by clicking through. Of here, that it does not surprise in its last publishing house of the virtual magazine com., that its director the economist and university professor of postgraduate Dr. Navarrese Arthur, he comments, that the pay of a university professor in Venezuela cannot be more depressing; it is much smaller than the one than happens anyone of its students, any average employee and until of many workers, taxi drivers and workers of the informal economy. If he compares himself with the pays that happen the officials government, the parliamentarians, the managers deprived public and nor say themselves; and if they are compared with those of his similars in other countries, the difference is of the sky to the Earth. .

Social Payment

The inspection labor has stopped being a mere process of verification in situ of the fulfillment of the payment of remunerations and to benefits lees, for directional their objective to the verification of the facts (To the form in which the benefits of the workers are executed). Tendency: Subjects of relevance as far as the origin or not of labor contracts are analyzed, denaturation of the intermediation and tercerizacion, and the application of the principle of priority of the reality in the cases of contracts by locution of services. Besides verifying the fulfillment of the norms in security and health in the work. Frequent problems Lack of information of how an inspection is developed, of how the employer must act without it becomes an obstruction. Example the inasistencia of the employer to a citation for summons.

Obstruction to the inspectiva task when the employer does not let declare a worker. That the employer must do? A labor inspection always must be communicated, safe in certain cases justify that them, this will not be fulfilled because it can affect the same process of the inspection. The verification can be made in center of work, like in the dependencies of the Ministry of Work. The employer in summary, must allow the entrance of the inspector (previously identified like so) and provide informacin to him that is required. That they verify? They are three aspects that are verified 1. – The labor hiring 2. – Social Payment of remunerations and benefits The electronic list is the first source of intelligence on the level of fulfillment of the socio-professional and tributary norms.

3. – Fulfillment of formal obligations (Example: Norms of security and health). If one is in lack in employer, him hara ” requerimiento” (term so that it corrects these breaches). Of not fulfilling this step the sanctioning procedure would begin that can finish in administrative fine but the exigency that to fulfill the infraccionadas norms. And its company would pass an inspection successfully Who knows The three indicated labor aspects but must allow us to be preparations. He is frequent that the reason for the infraciciones not always is because ” Employer does not want to fulfill the laws ” , in many cases situations appear like: 1. – The form to interpret the norms 2. – Ignorance of the calculation form 3. – A bad labor consultation. The labor audit You must be preparation, one ” x-ray ” of how the things estan ayudaria him. For that they exist ” labor audits ” , which estan designed to correct the omissions and/or bad interpretations of the dispositions in game.

Medical Center

Look for information about the specialist and you will want to join us on the diagnosis! With systems "Oberon" and "Ray" RK Shikherimov for 8 years. The most complete picture gives it diagnostics in agriculture OBERON. Many people ask why we recommend a comprehensive survey, even if symptoms indicate a specific location of the problem. In I give a clear answer case, said Academician BV Poppy on one of his lectures on private pathology – as one well-known in certain circles of people suffering from pain in the heart. It seems, then treated for angina. But it did not help. And once he came down with a running stomach ulcer (now as much a protrusion formed).

This story rather sad ending, especially considering that the heart just the same was healthy … Complete examination by a competent specialist could improve the situation. Not for nothing they say: who correctly diagnoses, treats correctly. Now the drawbacks: Yeah, do not be surprised ..)) – Limited number of clients. We can not accept diagnostic results of 90%, ie 50 abnormalities detected an average of 45.

– Doctor does not hold preliminary consultations free of charge. Perhaps in the future, when staff will be completed, we will introduce such a service. As you may have you know, our doctor will reveal even the initial signs of each disease, in order to prevent the progression of disease detection, many patients have successfully used traditional Chinese medicine preparations. This allows them to safely (avoiding the side effects) to restore the internal power balance, the normal regulation, and as a result – the functioning of organs and tissues. Our friends from the site just work with world-famous companies producing recreational products in accordance with the concepts of U-Shin, a traditional Chinese medicine. Obraduem:) For our clients that have passed a comprehensive diagnosis of "Oberon" in Tianshi products and Livest discounts are offered. More on Diagnost.Name We are very grateful to partners for their support Och.priyatno, is not it? Medical Center in which our office is working diagnosis is in the street Krzyzanowski, near st.m.Profsoyuznaya. We work by appointment only. Call me at any time. If I'm busy – can leave a message on the answering machine. PS Here we discussed the pros and cons of computer examination of the body. What now remains? And only one thing – to decide how many seats to reserve for a comprehensive diagnosis:) Come to the whole family!

Heat for Health

How sometimes you want to go somewhere warm countries, situated on a sandy beach, and every cell to absorb the warm sunlight! But the pace of life accelerates, and we simply do not have time to ensure that enough lie under the hot sun. What to do? Really nice tan is a privilege of people have free time? Fortunately, no. Now you can get a tan even in winter. Official site: Gunnar Peterson. And for this purpose does not necessarily even leave the house. The last word in the tanning industry (and the tan has long turned into an industry) – self-tanning. Gunnar Peterson is open to suggestions.

To ensure that your skin has acquired a luxurious golden color, it suffices to use a special tool. Apply self-tanning on the skin and wait a while. After a few minutes manifested tan, most similar to the natural. Bronzing is ideal for people who for one reason or another can not go tanning, but are willing to look good. Self-tanning products are safe and do not cause allergies. Get even tan can be just one application. In this case, the color intensity can be varied over a fairly wide range.

For better results, before applying the tanning can take a bath or shower or do peeling. Self-tanning products can be applied in several ways. If you urgently need to create an effect of golden tan skin lotions can be used in compact packages. If you possess a certain amount of time, you can use professional equipment for the application. In this case, a means for self-tanning sprayed from a special spray gun, lying on the skin evenly, without creating a divorce and the band. Because of this, get a tan uniform and stunningly beautiful. The composition of all the means for self-tanning oils and includes special extracts, which are designed to promote the health of your skin, nourishing it with vitamins and helping to keep youth and elasticity.


I imagine the ideal picture and perceived how this goal would be its life when realising. Everything went very well until the day arrived, where the majority of the goals dies, at the moment at which the first obstacle in the way arises and we were discouraged. Talvez we told somebody our goal and it discourages to us with his negative commentaries. How many of its goals they have not met the challenge of not paying attention to these opinions? Can remember the last goal that did not surpass east obstacle? Any goal fills that it of emotion, and the result is extraordinary, will tend obstacles, otherwise it would not be a goal that is worth the pain. If its goal is valuable, it has by certainly will be obstacles, but that does not have to stop it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from actress. Mark Twain said: Within 20 years you will regret more the things than it did not do, that of the things that did. Three principles that will help him to overcome the challenge of the obstacles.

1. It turns his idea into a goal When it does not establish the parameters to measure what wishes to reach, we are only speaking of one good idea. It needs to establish WHEN? And HOW? The idea: I want to lower of weight the goal: The 1 of December of this year, my weight will be of 75 kg Although it does not know clearly the panorama, it establishes when and it goes how it to reach. In addition it is important to establish which is the true goal, this will give flexibility him to make adjustments to the plan, without changing the final destiny. The true goal is not to leave to run, the true goal is to have more energy, to have a more healthful body, or to see itself better.

Science Council

“Since 2002 dual studies for the industry of the future prevention, fitness and health with the first degree diploma of fitness economics” study was prevention, fitness and health available exactly ten years ago for the first time specifically for the industry of the future. On 05.03.2002 solemnly passed the certificate of recognition as a vocational college. This was the start of a success story that continues to this day. At that time, around 120 students started in the first round. But although the 2002 courses were new, constructed at that time on the over 25 years of experience of the BSA-Akademie.

Gradually developed the courses on offer. The degree programmes were further developed in Bachelor’s programs, accreditation as accredited college followed by 2008, two master’s degree programs were new in the offer. The combination of operational training and distance learning with compact presence phases in the Bachelor’s degree was a completely new dual track approach with many advantages for students and education establishments and laid the foundation stone for the very high level of acceptance: currently about 3,200 students studying in the four Bachelor’s and two master’s degrees. Over 2,400 companies take advantage of the chance to qualify their own specialists and executives with a dual Bachelor’s degree. A course with 120 matriculated students was the balance of the first semester to the BSA private vocational Academy in 2002. Nevertheless, that the College was a new institution in the field of higher education students and education establishments had even then an experienced partner at your side: the BSA private vocational Academy on the 25 years of experience of the BSA Academy built, which is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the field of fitness and prevention with over 140,000 participants since 1983. The German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) emerged from the BSA private vocational Academy 2008, 2008 received national recognition by the Science Council.

College Health

Best practice presentations, as well as the specialized forums movement nutrition and corporate health management offer many suggestions and information for the practice. For more information about the main session, the expert forums and online registration at. Company Description College: studied at the German University of prevention and health management students to specialists and executives for the growth market of qualified prevention, fitness, and health. The Bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of study connect a training fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College a distance learning and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide), “Austria or of Switzerland and close after three years with the degree of Bachelor of Arts” from. Moreover, two masters in the fields of study are offered a lot of prevention and health management, connect a correspondence course with attendance phases. During the continuing studies for the master in health management”, a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and 1 year requires experience, can the master in prevention and health management” be completed directly in connection to a Bachelor / diploma. In addition, there are six College continuing education involving professionals in selected subject areas can acquire knowledge at university level.

Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. Meanwhile, over 3,100 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of January 2012) study at the University.The Registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, an application to the master’s degree is possible to the summer / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries. German College for prevention and health management Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger sports school 3 66-123 Saarbrucken Tel. 0681 68 55 150

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