Show your child the main game stories, and teach swing doll to carry in a wheelchair, fed and put to bed. With the help of these games also teaches adult Child patronize, care, empathy toy. In subsequent years, this toy can be a real friend to .V age 4 – 5 years, it's time for a variety of designers, mosaics. They give excellent opportunities for the development of fantasy child's creativity. Continues to develop interest in the game with all kinds of baby animals and human figures.

It is desirable that these figures were numerous and the child was the opportunity to play at the zoo, school, city, etc. Therefore, your child will need sets for subject-role-playing games (cattle yard, repair shop, doctor, superspy, and something you can buy, and do something with their hands out scrap materials). After 6 years of toys and games are very realistic. Child care similarity model and the original functionality of the toy. Love the children advanced small designers, especially the use of batteries and electricity. Girls tend to accurately model the relationship between adults with dolls and accessories nim.Imenno at this age the child begins to consciously create, experiment, create something new. The task of adults to help him in this, especially now that the market there are new items, which parents and have no idea, because they grew up in a time when none of this happened. Together with the age of informatics at toy market came to a variety of electronic quizzes, toy synthesizers

Chinese Emperor

Himself emperor, or medicine twenty-first century not many notice that we are all hostages of their own health. The slightest ailment knocked out of the usual ruts, forcing me to the rhythm of life. Can this avoided? Absolutely! But to do so should learn to manage their own health. In essence, this is a basic principle of oriental medicine. Moreover, in the East the focus has always been given exactly prevention.

It is not by chance in ancient China, the doctor stopped receiving payment, if any of his charges was sick. Payments resumed after recovery. Therefore, physicians were financially Celestial interested in that as accurately as possible the diagnosis and how you can quickly and effectively cure the patient. And those doctors who treated the Chinese Emperor, wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment could cost lives. Medical error in this case, was punishable by death.

Among the vast arsenal of oriental medicine occupies a special place acupuncture. There is a modern version of ancient Chinese legend, telling about that many thousands of years ago, warlord, on the eve of a decisive battle, was suffering from back pain. The pain was so severe that gave up. During the battle, an enemy arrow pierced a spent in the leg leader. Backache instantly gone. Thinking, commander connected these two facts together. He found a man who suffered from the same symptoms, and pricked him in the same spot. The patient, who a few days could not move immediately felt relief. There is another similar story about a farmer, injuring a hoe or a stone foot and heal so chronic headache.