Who don’t like enters a restaurant, once again really nice to eat and enjoy the food. Also a wine shop and the evening is perfect! But you can save themselves the way the Italians or in the pub around the corner also. It’s not always the most beautiful in your own four walls? Just invite friends or family and impress with a fancy menu. Thus certainly achieve success and can pamper their guests. People such as Gunnar Peterson would likely agree. However, you need the corresponding utensils, so the menu is also perfect. How should we offer for example beautiful sliced cheese as a delicious aperitif, when one has not the necessary blade to elegantly set him to. Against this problem Saalfrank gives them relief quickly.

We offer some promotional items, which you can certainly good help in the kitchen and thus the cosy hours in life. The apron is of course indispensable in any kitchen, so that the clothes must not suffer. The range is different colors available, so that for every taste certainly is right there. So the recipe is always ready on the spot and forget anything, there is a practical Cookbook holder with integrated knife block. This provides not only space on the desktop, but is also the possibility to have the sharp knife with a handle quickly at hand. Of course, you need different types of knives for different dishes. Therefore, there is a stainless steel knife set with a large kitchen knife meat knife, paring knife, waiters knife in an elegant wooden box with a sharpening steel, knife blade, corkscrew and bottle opener. Besides Saalfrank offers you a set of cheese knives and for the dessert a wellness-knife set. This includes a grapefruit knife, Apple cookie cutter, zester for citrus and fruit Shaper. So you bring the fruits also good in scope, you use but the practical dessert and dining ring.

Printed Mouse Pad As An Advertising Medium

Prominent advertising media for your business – advertising space we click on the desktop of your company / your customers as often touch on the keyboard, how often we do we with the mouse, and most importantly how many meters actually smallest mouse movements? We don’t know the answer, but the idea raises another question: How can you advertise to the monitor around – so on our desk? With of course printed mousepads! Again and again, so called Pop-Ups open while we inform ourselves in the endless expanse of the Internet. We then most probably away before we have perceived their content (advertising) at all. But a for example 24cm x 19cm large mousepad, could be placed on the advertising is located under the mouse, with which we click away these small advertising fields. Whether the mouse pads in the company with the company logo or a different motivational print are much can make. The placement of slogans and the transport of a corporate philosophy leads to a better corporate Identity and increases the connection between the staff front of the desk and the company. Also you can take the opportunity and advertise about the advertising of a printed mousepads. Many companies have already done it and decorate the own desks or the with attractive advertising campaigns by universities and other institutions. Center for Environmental Health is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Renate Hensel Mr. mousepad

Magnolia Image Spot Developed

The Fund’s discount store wants TV campaign his image as ALDI of the financial sector sharpen Mannheim, December 09, 2009. The offer AG’s business model is very simple: a high degree of automation in the brokerage of Fund products, does not constitute advice or sales and instead the Commission pass on to the customers. Thus a monetarily noticeable added value is created for the customers, and can further strengthen its profile as a Good Guy of the financial industry. For the communication of this business model, commissioned magnolia the Mannheim full service agency. An atypical for the financial industry spot, which shows the customers in an everyday situation at the butcher came out: the customer ordered 200 g Lyons, paid 200 g Lyons. But after buying the butcher cuts a piece of paid sausage and eat yourself. This piece stands for the many percent of open and hidden commissions that keep banks and financial intermediaries of product after buying by funds of in particular closed-end Fund and thus the increase in value of the respective Product significantly diminish. is different here and will return to the customer the bulk of these commissions.

For us, the problem, creative and smart to the point of bringing the rebellious character of this new, innovative business model was”magnolia – CEO Matthias Ries. We want to consciously break at our presence with the conservative financial industry, as we have in common with classical Bank buildings both made our self-image and our fair dealing with customers”explained Klaus Barai, CEO of AG offer. The spot will run N-TV and N24 in the Internet and the information channels, where he will stand out because of his unusual appearance from ordinary advertising format. The spot on the common portals is switched on the Internet as well as on the home page, and thus the online campaign, which is also turned on the audience tailored information and Exchange sites. For the realization of the film is the film production View more responsible. Main actors are the renowned actor hariom Kumar and Gerhard Piske, the latter excelled in several crime scenes and perfectly embodies the butcher. The magnolia gmbh advertising agency was founded in 2002. You has ten employees and has its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. In addition to major customers such as ABB, Bauer fruit juices, CinemaxX, Dorint, G + H, graeff halls – and container construction, Granini or Golden toast know the owner-operated full-service agency of numerous regional customers in Mannheim and the surrounding area such as aquadrom Hockenheim, BMW-Mannheim, Cineplex-Mannheim, Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra, metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar, city of Heidelberg or Weldebrau. Press contact: magnolia gmbh advertising agency Matthias Ries Forest Park Road 30 68163 Mannheim Tel: 0621 / 83 323-600 fax: 0621 / 83 323-625