Since then, nothing they had more known. Eva, the third son, liveed in the Europe, where it are to study right, intending to become a great lawyer. Carolina, the youngest child, was single mother and its son if it called Gregorio Rodrigo. For all, it said that the father of the child was carrying of serious illness without cure and had died before the boy being born. Gabriel, according to son, was person very mysterious, of little colloquy always it caused great curiosity in all the familiar ones. Almost nothing if wise person of the life of the young, so little that was part of a mysterious seita where, all the thursday, were congregated with a group of people in a small farm in the immediacy of the dam of Piracaia, where they passed the night in left-hand side rituals. It was a thursday, frozen night, dreadfully and quiet, the calendars marked 25 of June of 1987 to that date. Carolina was to the cemetary in the deep ones of the mansion and was to observe an enormous rock, that swore to have the impression not to be there long ago, to the side of an empty tomb.

Without understanding well what it felt, it gave solution to the strong anguish that took it the chest and there it cried very. Gabriel left house in that instant, observed the sister in the cemetary looking at intrigued the rock and followed route to the dam to find the friends. In the following day, the friday ran normal as all the others, without great noises and movements. During the night, however, when erasing of the lights, one heard a sharp and reverberant howl of wolf. Ladies who in the immediacy of the mansion passed made signal de a Cruz grasped its teros, skeptics of what they judged to be an shout macabro come of the deepenings of the hell, while they fondled its scared rebentos to grasp the bar of its vestments.