The facades are first in being judged, they are the letter of presentation of any house. But not only it fulfills a presentation roll, the facade it is part and it participates in all the house, she offers new spaces and much light, facilitates accesses, recreates the view, it is nourished of the surrounding vegetation and it protects to us of any climatologic eventuality. It is why the aesthetic decisions of our house must be impregnated from the front. Here we give some advice you so that the decision is simpler, and you can shape the style of your house from the facade. * It observes that type of vegetation exists around your house.

This consideration is important not to violate the effective agreements of construction in the zone where you live or itself you wish conectarte with the environment * Considers the free space between your house and the street. Much people need ample spaces to construct a garage or to have its own garden * the climate is due to mainly consider in zones where strong winds and possibility of tornados or hurricanes exist, which will condition range of materials to choose * Light: It considers if the facade of your house must be the main source of natural light of the house. It decides by amount and size of windows based on whichever light you are going to need * the most traditional styles usually they respond to an image of ideal house. But also it is possible to extract its characteristics fundamental and to take them to a design done in accordance with each * Details of color, textures combined or the incorporation of materials as the wood and the stone are elements that can be contemplated to create an interest note Photos Facades of BlogRoll Houses? Facade of modern Asian House with I touch of Nordic luxury?