Armed Forces

The renewal of composition of these collegiate ones is made to each 2 (two) years, as it comes occurring since the year of 2003, through resolutions of the CONAMA, having been integrated for diverse States, integrant of the too much regions politics? South, Southeast, Center-West and Northeast, as will be demonstrated more ahead, except, for States of the Region North. But, never, until then, a State of the Amaznia integrated this so important chamber technique. 2.? DESCRIPTION the CTEA was created in 1995, in temporary character, through Resolution CONAMA n 11, of 10.10.95, having ' ' as objective to argue and to consider to the plenary assembly, norms of efetivao and incentive of the ambient education, the level of formal and informal education, form to contribute for the formation of a conscience of the sustainable development in the Pas' ' (sic). It established that resolution that then the temporary CT would have observers that they would participate of the meetings with right the voice, and that the House of representatives and Federal Senate would be indicated by. She was composed for Council members of the CONAMA, representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Agriculture, the Supplying and the Agrarian Reformation; Ministry of the Education and Sport; Health department; General staff of the Armed Forces; IBAMA; Government of the State of the Bahia; Government of the Federal District; Government of the State of the Espirito Santo; Government of the State of Gois; Government of the State of the Paraba; Government of the State of Pernambuco; Government of the State of Santa Catarina; Government of the State of Sergipe; Representative Civil entity of the Northeast Region; National association of Cities and Environment. Interesting to attempt against that the cited CT was constituted of representatives of almost all the regions of Brazil? Northeast (BA, PB, FOOT, IF), Center-West (GO, DF), Southeast (YOU ARE), South (SC), except of the Region North.