The First

Son of Teseu and Antope, moral queen of Amazon, Hiplito possua beauty and principles. Ahead of the attempts of seduction of its Fedra stepmother, it he repels it. Offended, Fedra searchs to avenge itself and counts the Teseu that to its tried it son to seduce. Teseu, in turn offended, asks for the Neptune who kills Hiplito. Opposing the orders of Zeus, who forbade to the resurrection dead them that he would cause despovoamento of the kingdom of Hades- Asclpio makes over again Hiplito. Zeus, when perceiving the disobedience, fulmina Asclpio, but, when taking pity of the reasons of it, transforms Asclpio into the Ophiuchus constellation ' ' serpente' ' symbol of the life that if it renews continuously. The dedicated sanctuaries Asclpio was local for the reestablishment of the health, by means of the lapsing of practical therapeutical, diets and exercises.

Of the lapsings, most common it was of the incubation, that consisted of leaving the sick person to adormecer inside of a temple and to wait that the god came and cured to it. Votivas rocks indicate that the belief in its cultured one was spread out and persistent. He was represented as a man of looking at docile and calm, with the arm supported in a baton where if enrosca a serpent (from there the symbol of the medicine). Of its relationship with Epione, its more influential children in the medicine had been Panaceia and Higeia, evoked in the oath of Hipcrates. 4. A NATURAL SOLUTION the philosophy Greek, in its origin, influenced the medicine, searching an explanation for the health process and illness that was not based on supernatural information. Alcmeo de Crton was one of the first ones to associate the health as balance between opposing qualities, and associated the illness for the supremacy of one of the qualities (cold/hot; dry/humid). It also associated the brain to the directions and the thoughts.