> As natural substances, fats are mapped to lipids… Fats are an energy content of 38,9 kJ (9.3 kcal) per gram of the main energy storage for people, animals and some plants. Plants are mainly in seeds or germs in the animal organism in adipose tissue fat. Fats and fatty oils are used as food (fats and oils). If you would like to know more then you should visit actress. Food addictions mean an un-ter aware autonomous, like all addictions, and continually more and more. A compulsive dependency syndrome is an addiction, a biological brain disorder. This is sustainable changes of brain structure and function, which produces proteins. The addictions be manifested! Addiction sufferers come barely more of their drugs.

By the urge to the obligation. (1) Getting used to image end substances such as fat – and calorie-containing Foods cause similar dopamine Amin shock and happiness feelings such as cocaine and heroin, because junk food specifically for example with too much monosodium glutamate, caffeine, sugar and corn syrup is enriched. The dopamine receptors from heroin – and kokainsuchtigen rats needed 2 days up to the normal level of the Domanim. Fat addicts (junk food) receptors in rats require up to 2 weeks for the normal level of Domanim. Salt causes a growing salt-dependence. With more and more salt causes in addition more and more Mono-sodium glutamate. Salt is used increasingly as a substitute for spice.

Why should someone do sports, if he eats better chocolate? (1) In the case of the food (such as fast-food: fat, sugar, evt.) Glutamat-Rezeptoren) a coercive behavior arises by associative learning pathways in the brain (lust). This activity runs continuously, as when the dependency of ideologies (religions, politics and sports fanaticism (Islamists)), drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Behind it, he’s responsible for our sense of happiness Neurotransmitters and chemiche Messenger substance dopamine. Each continued pursuit after a dopamine rush (high) the DNA of our brain adjust: in particular the proteins that control a feel-good neurotransmitters known under the name of glutamic acid.