Philosophical Theories On The Political Constitution Of Colombia

Why is that a country serves to create a constitution, if not teach? In what serves as a country have a constitution if he does not know? In what country will be served papers on the teaching of the constitution, whether academic, not taken into gutter? Is it that it is unethical for academic institutions that oversee education, teach the provisions of the law? Is not it illegal for educational institutions, do not have a subject called up and they in turn teach the philosophers? Is not that poor countries which care little about the teaching of standard rules? To what order establishing a constitution? What if the constitution is a mere formality? Is it not important to the teaching of standard rules? What if the constitution corrupts men rather than make them better? What does the standard rules for a country? Is the constitution sensationalist propaganda or really make sense? Is it bad that people know the laws? Is it better to ignore what a government formed its own people? What if the constitution does not deserve to be a core subject because it is unworthy to be taught? Does love for the law is a poison? “Reflection on the law impoverishes a nation?

“The constitution is any good? Is this rule of rules is a fleeting speculation? “The constitution is a document without regard? Really the standard rules used for anything? Does the constitution was a document created to show other countries that this country also has its own, or was created by knowingly? “The constitution is adequate to govern a country or the same is governed by the fortunes of chance? What the original meaning has the standard rules? Are poor countries are those who teach the Constitution? “The constitution is government property or people and their leaders? Does the government know the reason for the constitution? Does the implementation of the constitution can destroy a nation? Is it better to ignore this book because it is useless knowledge? Does a country should have its own constitution and it is more desirable to follow the knowledge of foreign laws? Does the Constitution teaches the value of the laws or do not really teach anything?

“In the course of history have shown that constitutions are worthless? Is it more polite when people are unaware of their laws? Is religion a people when you do not know about politics? Do the policy lessons should be banned? The thing is a farce or policy sense? “The law of laws closed the understanding of men to be hollow and empty or more nationalistic? Does it benefit a country that tramples on the constitution police and despise? Do politicians because politicians understand the constitution? Is there a policy of the constitution? “The laws are the cause of political wisdom? What is the difference between this and this? Can you explain what the laws? What do you think the people of the laws? What do you think of philosophers and sociologists of law? Is not psychology is a sham? “In our country, understand the law? Is the art of politics is to train law? What is the purpose of the constitution? If you ignore the nature of the laws can know their meaning and interpretation of nature? What is the Constitution? Do politicians have made discoveries in the judicial branches? Is it important to discover the nature of government or is a difficult question that deserves no importance?

“The constitution is a mixture of politics and reason? Are images of laws can stand in our spirit? Is it possible that the constitution and politics are different and yet have the same properties? Is it necessary to know the opposite of constitution and laws? Those who know the laws are in a state different from all those who do not know? Do citizens have some kind of wisdom? Do the laws must be obeyed by knowingly or by submission? What qualities allow us to know the object of politics and the law? Are the policy judgments are always true or false? Do the strategies of government develop properly or by chance? What difference to the policy of the law? Is politics a science or an art? Are the legal elements are unreliable or are arbitrary and falsehood? That government is best, that of reason or of religion? What are the correct methods to quell the strife generated by the speech? “Education is for connoisseurs and for all in general? How do you demonstrate democratic principles? How does the law and what are its causes? Does this kind of issues are ridiculous and should be treated with rigor?

Do military armies know the laws? To some people they should know about politics and not others? Do the judges know how to judge, really know it is a trial? Should lawmakers want good things for their countries? “When required by law as can know which are bad and they are good? How can observe the laws that seem right but they really are vicious? “Politicians love is for the same moral or not necessary? What is the moral of the politicians? Are moral politicians? Is it important that the state properly educate the young? Are the educated young men in the future will be good citizens? Is it appropriate to teach children the baseness of the vices and disintegrate as the same family? Do you have much more value the Industry of the vices that people who do not enrich the industry because it is rational? How bad a state differs from a good one? “Politically, as one can judge the defect of virtue all states possess the land? Do you now what are the best states of the earth? What are the states most mediocre? How can a state command respect with its citizens? 1) For the territories of the world are called with a name.