Healing Spiritual

Everything that you see, listens, knows and everything generally perceived in your universe, you’ve created it. You have created everything, absolutely everything and is within his power to modify it. Cindy Crawford has much to offer in this field. His personal universe is a creation of his own mind. You create in your imagination. You hold it all in your mind. You affect the entire universe. You affects relatives, friends, bosses, employees and any stranger who is by the street or which read in the newspaper.

In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt, said that all those who surround him are an expansion of its interior. We continued by saying, everything you see in others is, actually, something that is in you. And if you see something in others, that you do not like, as for example ignorance, intolerance, disease, pain, poverty, etc. is that you are creating it. You create that which sees in others and projected it from his inner consciousness to their outside conscience. You should cure that. You can do it. When you cure that inside, then you It will cure the world, the universe.

In I’m happy, I’m rich, Corentt tells us that the writes books to heal it. He calls those who say that they heal others hypocrites. He says you cannot cure others, you are a doctor that it heals it. All real healing has to be spiritual, otherwise it is just a temporary cure. Spiritual healing will return it to young, rich, happy and blessed. Remove straw from your eye and your neighbor will disappear. One of the things that differentiate I am happy, I am rich, other books, is that this valuable jewel, helps you achieve your goals personal and intimate at the same time that heals the universe. Will you be enriched materially if it is what you want in this moment of your life. You will be reborn spiritually if he so longs for. You will understand the real secret of relationships, and that will fill an enormous power to determine anything they want in their life. The most important thing in his life is in its interior. I am happy, I am rich, helps you to wake him. Heal the world, help to again rich, beautiful and pleasant. The universe is what you decide. The universe is what declares. From this moment to declare I’m happy, I’m Rico.