Netto Rabbit was the sufficient to conclude that the prestige of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro is not only international, but yes interplanetary: ‘ ‘ a thing is certain: extraterrestre’ exists a tricolor community; ‘. (Source: RABBIT NETTO, Pablo. The Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro in the privacy. Rio De Janeiro: Borsoi, 1975. v.

3, P. 6, 47-8.) Nelson Rodrigues Is impossible to speak on famous tricolores and to leave of side ‘ ‘ angel pornogrfico’ ‘. 30.11.1980, end of the Carioca championship, Of the state of Rio de Janeiro x Vasco. To the 68 years, Nelson Rodrigues was very sick. Sedado for countless remedies, did not obtain to remain itself waked up for much time. But, exactly thus, it was forbidden to attend the soccer games. In special of Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The heart would not support, nor a victory, nor one defeats, nothing.

Its son, however, was not forbidden Then, dribbling the medical recommendation, Nelson Rodrigues Son he combined with the father: he would hear the game in radinho of stack and would count to the father the course. What to make in the case of a defeat? This age the risk. To the 22 of 2 time, Edinho marks for the tricolor. The son nor had courage to count of – it that he suffers a turn. contained this notice until the final whistle. As the father slept of time in when, although the game already to have finished, the son managed the information, first saying that it left the goal and, after a time, that the departure finished. Nelson was euphoric very beyond what the doctor would admit and wanted to write a chronicle. It did not obtain, the keyboard keys of the typewriter ran away to the fingers. The son typed for it. ‘ ‘ Champion inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro demais’ ‘ , he left in the Globe of 02.12.1980. In the dawn of 21.12.1980, after seven cardiac arrests, entered in eat and died of trombose, cardiac, respiratory and circulatria insufficience.