Rainbow Underfoot

At the dawn of summer, and it's time to go somewhere – somewhere on the sea. Maybe this article will win you get out of his comfortable home and go for long sea-marvel to look at the marvelous. Punalu, Hawaii. Not only the pearl deep-sea hiatuses have a unique and mysterious black pearls, the beaches of this beautiful city are decorated with black velvet sand tsveta.Po legend, this volcanic sand owes its appearance goddess Pele – the goddess of Hawaiian volcanoes. According to the beliefs of local residents volcanic lava and black sand – is part of the goddess and she is very angry if someone takes them home. For those who doubt that, at the Museum Hawaii Volcanoes opened a permanent exhibition of fragments of lava and black sand, which was returned by tourists from around the world and asking them to forgive.

Papakolea, Hawaii. Volcanoes – the main 'suppliers' of colored sand on our planet. Known as the green sand beach, or even Pu'u Mahana, Papakolea Beach deserves its name. The sand here is olive-green tint due to the presence in its chips semiprecious stone, called olivine. Pfeiffer, California.

Motley sand. California – the legendary staff is here to 'rainbow' beauty can be run through the morning sun in the morning on the beach Pfeiffer. Rocks offers spectacular stretch of beach with an unusual sand, and enormous arch-shaped rock looks great in the rays of the setting sun kalliforniyskogo. Closes this remarkable list of Maui, with its red sand. Maui is much older than his Big brother, and the volcano Haleakala is almost in a sleep state. Almost, because the last eruption happened in the XVIII century, and still needs to happen about once or twice before finally extinguished volcano. Many people think of Maui the most attractive island of the archipelago and the red sand played a significant role. Beach Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay Bay has the white sand in the world. Guinness Book of Records did not fail to place this sign on their pages. Bay Jervis Bay Just two hours drive south of Sydney.

Healing Key

"Sociable" was in the park (now in her sanatorium Healing Key) The very first hotel, built local Cossacks in 1863, was at the entrance to the park and numbered 3-4 issues. Who is not getting any numbers, it could stolovatsya until it has opened a special dining gallery. Cindy Crawford has plenty of information regarding this issue. Located near the office and a pharmacy. Knocking wooden balls arranged on the top mountain bowling. Prettier and grew both Park – Lower, crude because of its proximity to swampy village, and upper, dry and comfortable for an evening stroll.

Now the park is diverse flora and rich. Here and red cedar, releasing volatile – volatile substances with antibacterial properties, and powdery ash, and arborvitae, and honeysuckle, ash and maple trees. The very air of his healing. Gradually the perennial worries resort workers and visitors themselves from alleys of the park have been removed countless ugly wooden restaurants, barbecue braziers and private entrepreneurs, poisoning the air a child, violated the noisy orgies kutyaschih rich therapeutic quiet place. Park spread out on the flat top of the mountain and its alkaline foothills, where the exits were opened the first key. So here a lot over the pump-room pavilions of the main sources. Now the old pavilions are only park ornaments, as their well-room only used for observing the regime of mineral water.

Original place of the release of "radical jet" source number 17, found YV Langvagenom, pointed iron column with an image pigeon. Park is especially handsome in the early XX century. Pretty remarkable species gazebo – Rotunda "Oreanda", built in the classical style in 1903.