Hair Loss

The hair loss is a problem that affects more men and women every day.The lifestyle that we carry many times leads to losing more hair than usual. But let’s look more carefully what are the causes that produce the fall of hair, hair treatments and some tips to prevent hair from falling. The cycle of hair growth lasts for 24-36 months (2-3 years). The hair tends to grow one centimeter per month during this phase. In addition, hair is most of the time in growth phase, while another part of it is in inactive phase. After 4-5 months, the hair that was in the inactive phase falls, beginning to grow new hair. The problem comes when the hair that falls does not grow, producing is the fall of hair and, as a result, the problems of baldness or alopecia. The most common causes of hair loss are due to hormonal problems.

Other causes of hair loss are related to situations of high stress, pregnancy, infections, surgeries or the use of certain medicines. Some diseases, such as diabetes or lupus can be the cause of the hair loss. Before following hair treatments, must diagnose the cause why the hair loss occurs. The hair loss is more common in men than in women, although this does not mean that there are no women with this problem. Normally the hair loss occurs after 30 years, although some people begin to experience these problems at an early age (around 18). Today there are many treatments for the hair. The most common are shampoos and lotions that help to stop the hair loss, but there is also another type of revolutionary products that can help to prevent hair from falling, as laser Combs used to stop baldness. Many people try to avoid the fall of hair using this type of product.

Below, I offer you a few tips to prevent hair from falling: uses nutritional supplements: such products can help strengthen and prevent hair from falling. Washing the hair often, but not every day: one of the most recommended hair treatment is keeping hair clean and healthy, washing it a day if a day does not. He is not recommended to wash it every day now that this is detrimental to the same, weakens it too much, thus facilitating the fall of hair. Healthy and balanced diet: bad eating habits contribute to hair loss. The first step to be followed to prevent hair from falling is to begin by a healthy diet. Go to a professional: If the hair loss is excessive, the best treatments for hair specialist gives them. The Sun: it is important to protect hair from the Sun and the water of the sea in the summer months, since it breaks down so much and contributes to that this fall.