Harm And Benefits Of Mineral Waters

Curative mineral water can not drink on the principle "more is better." Essentuki number 4 and number 17 respectively 9 and contain 13 grams (per liter) of minerals and chemical elements. And if you drink this water more than the recommended physician, can cause considerable harm to the body. Chemical elements and free carbon dioxide contained in all the healing mineral waters with excessive entry into the body can disrupt the secretory and motor function of the stomach, and choleresis zhelchevydele-tion, the acid-alkaline balance in the body, mineral salts irritate the kidneys, bladder, sodium salts are particularly harmful for those suffering from chronic nephritis, hypertension, heart disease, accompanied by edema. It is very dangerous to give a curative mineral water to drink to children unless they suffer from diseases for which this water is shown. Self-mineral waters as unacceptable as drugs, But do not just have to see how sick while drinking at the resort itself, "appoint" themselves or that water. Is especially true for those who rents a room in the private sector and does not go to the spa clinic. Those who wash down with water Essentuki 17 Essentuki new, can assume that the time they spent at the resort without any health benefits.

Because water has a new Essentuki diuretic effect, and therefore it usually shows the suffering urological diseases. And if you drink it, for example, a patient with chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency is assigned Essentuki number 17, then it quickly released from the body of useful mineral salts contained in the water. As a result, Essentuki 17 therapeutic effect of no effect. In addition, those who drink a lot more mineral water than recommended, make the heart work with renewed stress, and people with heart disease also are produced or exacerbated swelling, and generally everyone who is treated at spa resort, we must drink water in an amount which recommended that a doctor is no more and no less! Before leaving home, check with your doctor about whether to continue treatment with mineral water, which was begun at the resort.