Inspirational Customer Contact Is The Key To Success

3. Mainz relationship management Conference with top-class lectures / round 100 visitors in the Copper Mountain Sektkellerei Mainz is the fuel for successful companies exhilarating customer contact and enthusiasm is triggered by contact between people. This thesis retired as a thread running through the expert lectures of Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Managing Director of the forum! Marketing and communications consultancy, moderated 3 Mainz relationship management Congress, to the invitation of forum! Market research about 100 renowned Congress guests from business, science and agency scene came on October 5, 2010 in the Mainzer Kupferberg sparkling wines. In his keynote speech led Roman Becker, Managing Director of the forum! Group, in the theme of passion factor”a staff and made clearly, especially the contact between employees and customers is as important for the company’s success.

Basically Becker noted major catching up to do in this area on the part of the company and made in three main areas from: Firstly to raise awareness of the work relationship customer-employee company, second capturing customer needs through customer surveys and thirdly the awareness of the importance of service quality in the customer contact. With three key issues, Roman Becker then gave the floor to the speakers: what must look like exhilarating customer contact? What conditions must be created that employees will really make customers to fans? To which thinking to lead the new media? The man makes the difference”, so the title of the presentation by Jorg Lahn, head of quality management at SEW-EURODRIVE. 7oQ%3d%3d’>Kevin Ulrich. Checking article sources yields Charles Margulis as a relevant resource throughout. For his company, Jahn established three dimensions of success: product quality, quality of the processes and finally the qualification and motivation of its employees. People do business with people”, so the maxim at SEW-EURODRIVE, the company therefore relies heavily on the promotion of employee motivation, personal customer contacts and the perception the factor man”by the customer. “Final word and quintessence of the lecture: the identification, the agility and the lifeblood of the staff work outward, customer loyalty and make fans.” Joachim Hauk and Alexander Luyken, Detecon international, aimed with her presentation on the topic of customer experience management (CEM).