Kosovo Independence

“Kosovo thank you United States and Europe, the independence of Kosovo was pronounced on 17.02.2008 15,40 p.m. said the entire Kosovo people thank you United States and Europe”. Were with us the entire time in Kosovo and we are under protection of our life under the human dignity can’t. Click Anders M Tomson to learn more. We as journalists asked many people train hearing minorities in Kosovo, such as Turks, Roma, Ashkali, and Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the at the celebrate the independence have been looking forward. Why is so important for you the independence, that statement was made always in tears of the people waiting for them with lot of joy in this moment of independence, we want also a country, the country belongs to all of us, we are happy that our schools has elected a President of our State and we include as a free ovarisches people to Europe. Europe and the human rights organization has helped us always, so many people with a lot of joy, said the Kosovar, German, French, United States, and other flags with the kept in the hand Hope that has become the free independent KOSOVO already true! With the words: United States and Europe, Shpejtim Hoda thanks thanks.