Psychological Evaluation

The clinical Interviews stop beyond the tests psychological specific used to evaluate the personality of a person, the evaluation procedure generally includes interviews clinical. Through these if it can get valuable information talking with who will be being evaluated and becoming excellent questions on the experiences of last lives and future social and familiar relationships and problems had taken that to look it psychological aid. d) Mannering evaluation To this tim the observer evaluates the behavior of a person in one determined situation. How much better it to know the person who will be being evaluated, more necessary will be its evaluations.

This test offers valuable understandings. Henry Chao usually is spot on. e) Sampling of ideas In this, the ideas of the person are registadas systematically to give a referring sampling to one determined period of time. As the ideas they are particular experiences and they cannot be seen, the only one that it can make this type of comments, is the individual whose ideas are being studied. Generally it is used with groups, but also have been applied individually to help in the diagnosis and treatment. 6 – CARACTER the Carcter assigns positive characteristics of a person.

It is the dimension of the personality, determined for the learning social and the cognitiva learning, not being therefore influenced for hereditary factors. They are three types of Carcter: self-determination, Cooperation and Correspondence. The Carcter equally translates the idea of lasting disposals, that seem later in the life of the individual, and that they modulate the base temperament. 7 – BEHAVIOR For behavior we understand the manifestation concrete of the personality. This fact justice the necessity of in first place making mention the Personality, as ampler concept, and later entering to the detail. Thus the behavior, being the concrete manifestation of the personality, a time that the physical and psychic aspect, determines the adaptation to the environment, is necessity, speech on the behavior of the Angolans.

The Filters

In addition, you must predict futures pros and cons, then how you are going to predict the future of your relation? Who will say if your problems are temporary or permanent? The solution of Kirshenbaum is to throw the boarding scale-balance and, instead of it, to use a diagnosis boarding. Diagnostic the true state of your relation instead of to try to weigh it in a scale. This it will provide the information to you that you need to make an intelligent decision and to know exactly what is what you are doing. If you are ambivalent, means that your relation is ill. Reason why to discover the objective nature of the disease seems an intelligent place to begin. In order to realise a diagnosis of a relation the author offers a same series of 36 questions s/no for preguntarte. Each question is explained throughout several pages. In fact, the diagnosis procedure is essentially all the book.

With each question you will be passing your relation through a filter. If you pass the filter, raisins to the following question. To deepen your understanding Healthy Living is the source. If you do not pass the filter, the recommendation is that you finish with your relation. In order to reach the recommendation of which you would have to follow in her, you must happen through the 36 filters. If only one of the filters generates problems to you, the recommendation will be to finish.

Of all ways, this is not as brutal as it can seem because the majority of these filters is very easy to happen. I consider that of the 36 questions, less than a third must be thought too much. Luckyly you can pass filters like " Your pair strikes to you? " and " Your pair travels abroad without you? " without great problems. If no, you do not need a book that says to you that your relation is going downhill.

Ear Infections

Dogs and cats are often prone to ear infections. We all know that dogs and cats have a sense of amazing hearing, and when infection of the ear, a discomfort and extreme pain they have experienced. Due to Earwax, dirt and parasites can easily become jammed and consequently lead to an ear infection. Infections more common ear which are considered domestic animals include otitis media (infection of the middle ear) and otitis externa (infection of the external ear canal). The ear infections tend to affect certain breeds of dog more than others. Dog breeds for example water of cocker, Schnauzers and poodles miniature dogs develop ear infections frequently while in cats, Persian castes are also more susceptible to these infections. Ear infections can lead to more serious problems such as hearing loss and neurological difficulties.

However, with proper diagnosis and prompt treatment, infections of the ear can be treated successfully. Common symptoms and signs of an ear infection include: * shaking his head or carrying out a side * scratching at the ears * pain in the ear * rubbing ears against furniture or carpet * download yellow, brown or black in the ears * ears are red, inflamed or soft * foul smell of ears in addition, if you develop an infection of the middle earsymptoms of facial paralysis can occur. The eyelids of your pet can be tilted with the facial muscles, difficulty swallowing as well as loss of balance. What causes ear infections? The majority of ear infections are caused by bacterial infections or yeast. Other factors that can also contribute to ear infections include the accumulation of wax, dirty, coarse, matted hair trapped in the canal hearing or other foreign bodies. Allergies, ear, ulceration, mite the tumors, improper cleaning of the ear or the damaged drainage from the ear can also cause ear infection. Diagnosis of ear infections an infection of the middle or inner ear diagnosis is based on symptoms as well as a careful examination of the ear.

Strong Pneumonia

The bacteria second Gram can be classified as positive or negative. We have as example of positive Gram the Streptococcus pneumoniae. Also they are classified by the coloration. Tai chi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Transmission of the Streptococcus Bacterium pneumoniae. tion-equipment-300631586.html’>Castle Harlan. ghout. According to site of medicine (3) with translation of the text in English on pneumonia of the Centers will be Disease Control and Prevention de August Hlio Blacksmith Sources the transmission of the pneumoccica pneumonia provoked by the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae if of the one through the contact with sick people or that they load the bacterium in the throat. The pneumoccica pneumonia is transmitted from gotculas of the nose or mouth of a infectada person respiratory. It is common some people, especially children, to load the bacterium in the throat without being sick.

Symptoms provoked for the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae. In agreement still with the related site the main symptoms of the pneumoccica pneumonia are: Strong tremors of calafrio, which generally are followed by: High fever. Cough. Lack of breath. Fast breath. Pain in the chest.

Other symptoms can include: Nausea. Vomit. Migraine, Cansao.e muscular Pain. The main decurrent complications of the pneumoccica pneumonia are: Around 30% of the people with pneumoccica pneumonia the bacterium invades the sanguineous chain from the pulmes causing what the infectologistas doctors call bacteremia, a very serious complication that also can cause other pulmonary problems and some cardiac problems. Diagnosis of the pneumoccica Pneumonia the diagnosis is carried through by means of the collect of samples and culture, as well as through the sorologia aiming at to the detention of specific antibodies. The immune system produces antibodies anti-capsulares effective, however, delay some time being able the damages to the organism already to be very serious to this height. The immunity to one determined cepa does not confer protection against others. The pneumonia and the meningite are the manifestations most frequent and both are sufficient dangerous.

Arterial Pressure

The levels of arterial pressure 140/90 superiors to mm/Hg are considered levels of arterial high pressure. If still repeating the pressure test several times some of both numbers (systolic or diastolic) is lifted, an arterial pressure case of high or hypertension is. Two levels of high pressure exist: level 1 includes systolic measurements between 140 and 159 or diastolic measurements between 90 and 99. The levels superiors to 160 (systolic) and 100 (diastolic) represent cases of arterial pressure of level 2. If the values minimum and maximum classify in different categories, the case is classified based on the high value. For example, if its measurement determines that it owns normal maximum values, and lifted minimum values, the 90 superiors to mm/Hg, their case are of high arterial pressure of level 1.

The unique form to detect problems of arterial pressure is being realised a measurement, since it is a disease without evident symptoms. In fact, to many they have suffered it people by years without at least finding out. Which are the causes of the elevated arterial pressure? Although the causes of the high pressure cannot be determined exactly, evidence exists enough that associates some factors to its appearance. Among them to smoke, to have excess of weight, lack of physical activity, excessive consumption of salt, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, chronic oldness, genetics, renal diseases, etc. What consequences can generate the pressure high? The high pressure increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases as infarcts or attacks to the heart, as well as renal insufficiency or other serious diseases.

If high pressure has diagnosed you, surely you will need to initiate a treatment, and although the values remain under control in the future, that will not mean that you can leave it. When I must try to me against high the arterial pressure? The treatments against the arterial pressure aim not only to reduce the present levels, but to avoid the ascending tendency that takes place generally with age. A high arterial pressure today already can consider a problem. But you think about the future, you will understand the true gravity of the same, since the pressure only tends to raise with the years. By that reason it is necessary to realise changes in your style of life, and is highly recommendable not to hope until the problem worsens, but to anticipate it and to attack it from the root. Perhaps today you do not suffer the disease, but your style of life is little healthful, sooner or later this problem will touch to your door. More information on Arterial Pressure:Has diagnosed you arterial hypertension? Original author and source of the article

Say Goodbye to Excess Weight

Currently, you can learn about the most unusual and sometimes bizarre ways to lose weight. If the recommendation to reduce the portion of food eaten quite logically entail the creation of a special mini-dishes, and "Mini-plugs (suggested Taco Bell), then there are more unexpected solutions. Developers mini-dish say that in fact the person will not have any diet, he will be able to eat all that he wants to. Did not he wants But correspondent Buck Wolf found in the history of weight loss is even more questionable ideas. These include Vision-Dieter Glasses: sunglasses that show the food in the most unfavorable light. Apparently, they have been created in order to, sitting at the table completely lose appetite and enjoy the food Maybe someone will like, and such a method.

Fletcherizm. This school diet, which stands for chewing food until until it becomes almost liquid. In this case, they believe, saturation occurs much faster and also improves the digestive tract. Tape Worm Therapy: Swallowing intestinal parasites, which will consume the bulk of food eaten. But perhaps that voracious worms want to eat and their owner I remember the other methods of weight correction, for example, losing weight with the help of nicotine. The basis of such zadumok – the assertion that smokers generally do not have problems with being overweight. Apparently, someone thinks that the Slim figure – a great reason to lose health


Because your metabolism is slower, you need exercise to even increase your energy and to your metabolism. You must continue with aerobic exercises, the doctors recommend that some form of is added to your routine resistance or training of force to avoid a greater loss of muscular mass with the age. Less results in muscles less calories are burned and greasier it is stored. To put your muscles a to work really can ayudarte burn those calories. The general recommendation is of 30 minutes of exercise (that can twice be of 15 minutes to the day, following your needs) and the force (resistance) of formation at least twice to the week. To eat intelligently after menopaucia After the menopause is the moment for paying much attention to your food.

You must eat the suitable nutrients and avoid the increase of weight. To eat healthful foods promotes the fullness, so that to eat in excess it is not a temptation that very difficult to surpass. The guilty in this stage of the life that cause kilos of more tend to be the simple carbohydrates like the white bread, cakes, white rice and the pies. If you are cutting bad carbohydrates, asegrate to add sufficient protein in your daily feeding. It studies the value of your day of breakfast, lunch, has dinner and teas. Hazte the following questions: I can eat foods that offer vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and calcium? Fruits are my abundant meals and vegetables? I make sure not jumping the meals to me? It remembers that the increase of weight is not inevitable. It is possible to be lived with kilos on more, but also it is possible to be won the sanitary consequences due to the gain of serious weight. You are in this stage of your life?

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Presentacion Clinica: Diagnosis, as in any case of diabetes is based on the characteristic disease symptoms associated with elevated levels of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia). These symptoms are polyuria (excess urine), polydipsia (intense thirst), polyphagia (very hungry) and weight loss (although one is eating well). These symptoms usually are triggered by infectious processes or States of severe stress that also cause worsening of hyperglycemia. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cindy Crawford is the place to go. The figures of glucose to make diagnosis are: 1.-2 determinations in fasting of 126 mg on different days with an interval of at least 48 hours between each shot, even without the presence of symptoms. 2 1 figure greater than 200 mg, no matter the time of day, with or without symptoms. 3.

2 or more figures high on a curve of Oral tolerance to glucose (CTOG) carried out with 75 g. It is a very acute complication in these patients, especially at the beginning of the disease, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which is nothing more than a severe alteration of metabolism with glucose ranging from 300 to 600 mg and conditioning, by the absence of insulin the accumulation in the blood of acidic substances called ketone bodies. These substances originate hiperacides in the blood which in turn condition pulmonary complications (lack of air and rapid breathing) and kidney they deserve urgent treatment in an intensive care unit. Being a chronic disease diabetes and degenerative, while more time you pass a person exposed to greater hyperglycemia will be the risk of developing chronic complications inherent to this alteration. Such complications occur on average after 10 years of onset of illness and they are in relation to the prior lack of metabolic control. The most commonly affected organs are: eyes: where is developed, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy (that when it is severe can reach up to blindness). Kidney: diabetic nephropathy that can develop into kidney failure develops.

Dietary Fiber

Increasingly popular, dietary fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. Its consumption is increasingly more recommended, since every day are discovered new benefits associated with it. But what about fiber? It is a set of compounds which, by its composition, can not be digested in our organism. Gain insight and clarity with Gunnar Peterson. However, from the digestive tract, meets fundamental functions for the maintenance of health. The inclusion in the diet of foods rich in fiber is indicated for the prevention and treatment of various diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, bowel disorders.

Do its multiple benefits include that:? It helps to lose weight, since it gives greater satiety diet, providing more volume without adding calories. Combat constipation increasing stool volume and facilitating its transit through the intestine? & nbs p; It prevents colon cancer. In addition to promoting intestinal transit, dragging carcinogenic substances, preventing its contact with the mucosa from the gut.? & nbs p; Decreased cholesterol levels, due to its ability to link substances such as bile salts.? & nbsp; Avoid sudden increases in glycemia (blood sugar levels). The presence of dietary fiber on digestive tract endentece absorption of glucose, which is very favorable! The fiber is present in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals integrals. Some strategies to increase their consumption are:? & nbs p; Do consume the whole fruit, if possible with shell.? & nbsp; Include raw or cooked vegetables at lunch and dinner.? Replace the white rice for brown rice.? & nbsp; Do consume legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas) throughout the year: in winter casseroles, stews and in summer a part of salads.? & nbs p; Can read the product labels in search of phrases as rich in fibers, with bran, cereal, integral?. & nb sp; Add wheat or oat bran encaldos, soups, stuffed. The increase of fiber in the diet must be carried out gradually to prevent adverse effects such as diarrhea or abdominal distention. Therefore, we recommend you apply these recommendations carefully and, if in doubt, consult with your nutritionist.

The Clairvoyants

Similarly, the clairvoyants and Psychics, who can see the aura, manifested that the emanations of light come from the inside of the body, penetrating in matter from different dimensions. Soon after in the year 1920, spouses Kirlian, after performing several tests trying to build a conventional camera, by chance, they realized that had discovered something else, since this camera, not embodied the known mode images, but what was reflected was the aura of living beings. This camera, called camera kirlian, in honor of its discoverers, has allowed to know aspects of the aura, up to then unknown, and even today is, in its updated model, the best existing system to view and capture the aura of living beings, in addition to a myriad of applications, both in the esoteric, such as physical and psychic field, as well as be a valuable tool of diagnosis of diseases, with amazing accuracy, even in anticipation of the symptoms of the disease. This is because as it is already recognized by science any kind of condition or disease that occurs in humans, is reflected in a first place in the changes produced in the points and energy flows of the person concerned, then seen reflected in matter. In this way, we can observe as a result of these imbalances, the luminous emanation is manifested with certain colors of greater force or which predominate over others, which allows to identify the type of disease and the organs that are sick, to be those colors located on the same. But not only possesses utilities medical, can also be used to know if the status of a person is altered, if you lie, or if not he professes so much love as he says have by your partner, and it is possible to know him through the coloration of the aura, which will be altered, with respect to its normal state.

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