President Hugo Chavez

Most significant is the number of managers who occupy that position for various reasons, ranging from the familiar, friendship, political commitments, others. Of course, all this has affected the development and operation of the company, often wasted human capital, integration of work teams, specifically the human resource, apart from not having appropriate administrative systems to ensure efficiency, productivity. Managers, which does not motivate your staff, they ignore the relevance of this scope can be achieved by making use of what generates the proactive leadership, charismatic integrate known working groups, provide everything necessary for these to identify with their work, provide their skills, abilities, skills that lead to achieving the objectives. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Lin Dan has to say. Of course, all this is added an external factor that has left a lot to say in recent years, both by universities, business schools have not correctly defined the managerial leadership of this by providing training, knowledge, to changes by the current government of President Hugo Chavez in favor of establishing the so-called Socialism of the XXI Century, which has affected companies in their operations, following its policy, disengagement with the productive sector, lack of programs, plans that integrity and economic uncertainty, lack of support that happened to benefit the country’s productivity, making it less dependent on imports, enable SMEs in such a way that rescues the production of goods to meet demand domestic consumers at an affordable price in the purchase of products and services. Graduates of schools of Directors of the national universities leave much to say in relation to knowledge is taught, many of them anchored to the scenarios of the past, forgetting to impart what this requires. .