Coffee is a great and important place in the hearts of modern people, 2 billion people do not drink it. It helps us wake up, cheer up at work, chatting with her friends at a coffee shop, comfortable to hold talks, and more. But lose weight? Caffeine activates the oxygen consumption of tissues and accelerates the breakdown of fats. In addition, caffeine suppresses appetite and prevents overeating. It is because of this property caffeine is added to the BAA for almost all weight loss. So if you want to lose weight, do not give up coffee, but learn how to use it. Rule 1. They say that people on earth are divided into those who can start the morning without a cup of coffee and who can not.

If you want to Drink no more than one or two cups of coffee. Why so few? Because studies have shown that only referred to the number of cups of coffee a day can have a bracing effect. More coffee is addictive and seriously increase the workload on the heart and blood vessels. If you're a coffee lover, gradually reduce the number of cups per day. Rule 3.

Replace the instant coffee in the natural. Filed under: Herbalife. Instant coffee fast and tasty, but it leads to fluid retention in the body, irritates the intestines and most importantly – provokes the development of cellulite. The most ideal if you buy coffee beans, grind them before cooking coffee (or coffee-Turk). If the work you do not have coffee, pour prepared coffee at home in a thermos and bring it to work. And even better – to persuade colleagues to chip in for a coffee maker. Rule 4. Like coffee with sugar? Do not give up the habit, but only if you do not drink more than two cups a day. If you drink more or eat a lot of sugar during the day, use saharozamenites, for example on the basis of the plant Stevia (available at pharmacies). Give up cakes, cookies and candies. Go in dark chocolate. If you drink coffee with cream, switch to low fat milk. Of course, this is not so good, it helps to lose weight. In all important measure, as in coffee. Drink coffee, do not deny yourself this pleasure, but Drink coffee properly cooked to fully enjoy all the delights of this invigorating drink.