The Hospital

It asked for that, we made one ‘ ‘ amigo’ ‘ (glove doll), for its roommate, and it informed in them that the doll of the masculine sex was its friend, but asked for that this was together with its mother. During all intervention P interacted with trainee, with its mother whom if its side of the bed found and at some moments with the other child that was in the bed to the side, putting into motion itself (inside of its possibilities) during all the time. To the end of the intervention, P possua an active expression in its face, very different of the apathy that presented before our intervention. During the intervention carried through with P, we observe how much the movements and the communication for it executed during the process of psicoteraputica intervention? Ludoterapia? they had produced psychological alterations mannering/, therefore it smiled, produced movements corporal, interacted with one of its colleagues (a child of approximately 10 years of age) of room and with the trainee. From all referencial theoretician that we could have access until the present moment, we believe that, for P he would have been well more beneficial and fomentador of quality of life, if it was accomodated (during its process of hospital internment) in a section where they were hospitalized but adolescent of its same etria band. A differentiated space where this young could give to outflow its feelings, where such would be allowed to some differences as, to sleep until later, to attend a program differentiated in the TV, to use clothes special, spaces for meeting and cares with the appearance. We believe that this differentiation in the treatment could alliviate in part the suffering (apathy) of P, making possible it (p) a socialization, (that exactly temporary) a possibility of expression desires, that the measure of the possible one would be taken care of by the hospital team.